1. Cain532

    Modding Videos

    Here's a playlist of the Modding videos I've made in the past, and it will continue to grow! If you have suggestions on what you want to see please let me know!!
  2. M

    BO3 Installation PS3 DEX

    Yo, can anyone please walk me through on how to install bo3 on my PS3 DEX console? Thanks so much.
  3. ImHaxoTV

    GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) Mods/Mod Menus & Modding Stuff PC/Ps3/Xbox 360

    Info: Here can you find all about GTA 4 Mods, have fun! GTA IV Xbox & PC File Editing Programs General OpenIV Use this to open the GTA IV .rpf and .img files, it also lets you extract and replace files within the archives. This will be needed to edit or make your own custom mods. Download...
  4. anxify

    Tool CS:GO RTM Tool [1.01]

    How's it going everyone, I was messing around with this game and found somethings you guys might like. So I made a tool for you all to enjoy! :p I Hope you like it :) Screenshots: Download:
  5. ImHaxoTV

    PS3 NEW Ps3 COD BO2 Infernus The Hell Version GSC Mod Menu (USA Design) By Im HaxoTV

    All option's in the Menu (.gsc) work perfect without frezze's, on the Ps3 & Xbox 360. I hope you enjoy! Here are the Video fom the Mod Menu...
  6. Cain532

    Other Multidimensional Arrays

    Hey there! So, today I'm going to be teaching you all about multidimensional arrays!! Multidimensional arrays are essentially the same things as a standard array. I'll let the coding explain :p Now, keep in mind it doesn't have to be a byte[], it can be any other variable so long as it...
  7. Cain532

    RG Legend's Coding Seminar!

    Hey there my RG Lovelies! Myself and some of the other RivalGamer Legends are going to start up a Seminar of sorts to help anybody with coding tools, sprx, or anything in general! We will be utlizing our growing Discord Channel, which can be joined via THIS LINK. Primarily everything will be...
  8. Guru

    Xbox GTA V Crazy Ramp Truck Mod!

    This has taken ages for people to get this on the 360 to work good now it is here :) will be released soon will update with a matching menu with this in as i get it hope you enjoy the video anyway :)
  9. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix Tools Not Opening On Windows 10 (or lower)

    Hello RivalGamer's, today I am here to show you how to fix the issue of not being able to use tools. Normally, most people on Windows 10 cannot open multiple tools. You may have tried multiple solutions, but nothing has worked. Well I'm sure that you will fix that today and I will show you how...
  10. Samet Chan

    PS3 [UPDATE-9-24-2015] Useful Coldboot Anime's

    Welcome to Gamerz & Everyone! I'm working on make for PhotoShop CS5 & PS3 CFW or Coldboot anime image needed? What you may want to give my anime image, I can make last anyway! Coldboot Anime 124x...
  11. MoDz4Gaming

    Introduction Nice Looking Forum, I'm already enjoying the community .

    I'm MoDz4Gaming. I Jailbroke my first PS3 3yrs ago and been modding for some time now. Lately, I been seriously feeling more passionate about doing it correctly. I'm open to hearing about your ideas, the best ways that work for you. I'm ok with hearing about the constructive criticism as well...
  12. Dog88Christian

    PS3 All CCAPI Versions [UPDATED 2.70]

    Hello GZ, thought I'd post all CCAPI versions up to this date. These are all the official versions and have not been modified. I know some people still use older versions and so do I, so instead of struggling to find them you can find them here. All versions support CEX & DEX, unless specified...
  13. R

    Introduction Hello gamers

    i love playing destiny an i get beat by modders all the like to fight back Looking to mod and win matches against modders.i get killed too much by modders and id like to fight back mod vs mod to make it fair