1. Cain532

    Other XLink Kai!!!

    So, for those of you who aren't in the know, XLink Kai is a free Xbox Live variant that relies on System Link compatible games. It works on damn near any console with some form of internet connection as long as the game you are playing supports System Link. You can download the client/make a...
  2. Dog88Christian

    PS3 How To Setup a Jailbroken PS3 (Noob Friendly)

    Hello GZ, a long time ago last year a friend of mine was supposed to get a jailbroken PS3. I spent about two hours typing instructions and linking necessities he would need. He was a major noob, so I was trying to help. Well, he never got one and so I decided to go back in my emails find this...
  3. Kristijan1001

    PS3 [Release] PeXploit V1.0

    Once again xXx The Darkprogramer xXx has updated PeXploit, the original tool for installing games and DLC pkgs on Official Firmware using KaKaRoTo’s PS3xport. Recently he launched a new website where you can find PeXploit and other current & future projects. Downloads are below, a mirror is...