1. anxify

    Source MW3 Rival Ops SPRX Menu

    Hello, Rival Gamers :p Today I have for a sprx menu I've been working on,but never had the time to finish,but anyways I've added Comments in the source explaining how to add options and all that jazz :biggrin: All Options that are already in it work so feel free to add on to it :) Screenshot...
  2. anxify

    Offsets [1.19] BO2 Change String Addresses

    Hello, RivalGamers! I hope you all make some awesome tools with these addresses that I found :) Enjoy! Screenshot: Add this anywhere into your code: public static string ByteArrayToString(byte[] bytes) { ASCIIEncoding aSCIIEncoding = new ASCIIEncoding(); return...
  3. Cain532

    Other Fun With Boolean!

    So, I LOVE bools, they are some of the funnest bits of coding because of their versatility! So!, lets begin by explaining exactly what a bool is! A bool is a variable that holds 2 values, true and false, (it can also be converted to an int value of 0 or 1) also, Boolean and bool are the same...
  4. anxify

    Tool CS:GO RTM Tool [1.01]

    How's it going everyone, I was messing around with this game and found somethings you guys might like. So I made a tool for you all to enjoy! :p I Hope you like it :) Screenshots: Download:
  5. Cain532

    PS3 GameShark plugin ((Open Source))

    I've made a GitHub repository for my GameShark plugin. I have noticed there are some compatibility issues either between CFW's or Consoles themselves. I need help from all you guys to make this work!!! Check it out here!
  6. BakedBoi420

    PS3 Metal Gear Online 3: Modded MGO.SELF + Easy Install CHEAT PKG [v1.11] {BLES/BLUS}

    Metal Gear Online 3 Modded MGO.SELF + Easy Install PKG [v1.11] {BLES/BLUS only} by BakedBoi420: MGO3 Modded MGO.SELF Description: I modded the MGO.SELF file for BLUS & BLES Version and even included a easy install pkg file with all the codes enabled listed below AND included my modded eboot...
  7. BakedBoi420

    PS3 Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain: Modded EBOOT.BIN + Easy Install CHEAT PKG [v1.11]{BLES/BLUS}

    MGSV: The Phantom Pain Modded EBOOT.BIN + Easy Install CHEAT PKG v1.11 {BLES/BLUS only} By: BakedBoi420 MGSV:TTP Modded EBOOT.BIN Description: Modded the EBOOT.BIN file for BLUS & BLES Version and even created a pkg file for easy install with all the codes enabled listed below. I also added...
  8. anxify

    Release Uncharted 3 [1.19] Eboot Builder + Source

    Hello, Rival Gamers :h: I put together a simple tool for you all to enjoy and learn from (and Hopefully make your own eboot builder with :) Screenshot: Downloads: (No Virus Scan Needed because source is Included :p)
  9. BakedBoi420

    PS3 **REDIRECT LINK** Metal Gear Online 3: Modded MGO.SELF + Easy Install CHEAT PKG

  10. BakedBoi420

    PS3 **REDIRECT LINK** Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain: Modded EBOOT.BIN + Easy Install CHEAT PKG

  11. errusdan

    Introduction Greetings! introducing myself to the community...

    Hi to all friends! i'm new into this community...i enjoy learning more and more about games and games related content! thank you guys!
  12. Cain532

    First C# Seminar!!!

    Alright, the first C# seminar will be this Saturday starting at 7:30am Pacific time and will be held on the RGDiscord channel. I will be going over basic C# concepts as well as how to begin setting up a RTE of your own! Can't wait to see you there.
  13. Cain532

    RG Legend's Coding Seminar!

    Hey there my RG Lovelies! Myself and some of the other RivalGamer Legends are going to start up a Seminar of sorts to help anybody with coding tools, sprx, or anything in general! We will be utlizing our growing Discord Channel, which can be joined via THIS LINK. Primarily everything will be...
  14. anxify

    Release Battle Field 4 RTM Tool by iAmLegacyy7

    Hello Rival Babies :laugh: Today iAmLegacyy7 is releasing his Battle Field 4 Tool for PS3 for both CEX and DEX :D He Gave me permission to post it so why not :p (So Thank you for that :h:) Credits: Cain532 - Help with coding Trojan041 - Offsets Felony - Coding / Theme :p iAmLegacyy7 - Coding /...
  15. Cain532

    PS3 Far Cry 3 [BLUS30687]

    So, here is to fulfil a request from Ps3MoDDeR Sorry this took so long!! There were some serious complications :X I ended up finding an older version that GamePwnzer and I worked on some time ago. It works, but there are some slight problems. FC3 is a difficult game to crack!! Anyone willing...
  16. anxify

    Other How to Update Old Offsets using Hex Editor

    I just want to start off by saying thank to Cyb3r for teaching me this :) Credit goes to him for these offsets for minecraft too btw :p You must have a decrypt .elf file for the old update and the new update :) How to Update offsets using Only HEX Editor: 1- old address - 10000 (Hex) > ENTER >...
  17. anxify

    PS3 Black Ops 3 Non-host Tool Release

    Hello Rival Gamers :h: Today I'm releasing my tool I created because I haven't seen one made yet for the new update :p So anyways hope you guys enjoy it :) Screenshot: VirusTotal (1 False Positives due to heavy encryption & Packer) Download
  18. Cain532

    Other MultiAPI - [TUTORIAL!!!]

    Hello my RG Babies!!! So, here is a brief tutorial on how this runs :) There are a lot of great functions packed into this .dll! Once you get it made, be sure to check out the Extensions!!**** Side note, ** The Extensions can be called using MC.Extensions.ReadByte(offset); That particular...
  19. Cain532

    Other XLink Kai!!!

    So, for those of you who aren't in the know, XLink Kai is a free Xbox Live variant that relies on System Link compatible games. It works on damn near any console with some form of internet connection as long as the game you are playing supports System Link. You can download the client/make a...
  20. J

    Introduction hello

    please tell me time bouns hack in RE5 on PS3