1. Cain532

    PS3 Zone Of The Enders 2: Second Runner

    Good morning RG Babies! I got something nifty for you all!!! This is a tool for one of my favorite games; Zone of the Enders 2 : Second Runner. I decided to try and work on this while some of the games in my request thread were giving me.....issues.... This one turned out pretty good! There are...
  2. Cain532

    PS3 if (Red_Dead_Redemption == REKT)

    if (Red_Dead_Redemption == REKT) { string[] BAMF = {"KranK", "GamePwnzer", "Cain532", "Dirk", "Bucho"}; for (int i = 0; i < BAMF.length;i++) { Credits_Roll(BAMF); } } Haha, so for my non-coder friends here, with the great help of KranK, GamePwnzer...
  3. B

    Introduction Hello!

    Hello RivalGamer's i am BzrkArts. I'm a PS3 Modder and a PS4 gamer. I code C#, and Design on my free time. PS3 Info.: Firmware: 4.70.1 Rebug D-Rex Accounts: UndeadBzrkArts (Public) OMGIts_BzrkArts (Public) DMT-BzrkArts (Public) BzrkArtsOnDEX (Modders Only) zOGBZRK (Modders Only) BzrkDaGod...
  4. Absolute Zero

    Battlefield Hardline SPRX

    Battlefield Hardline SPRX Absolute Zero About Whats good RG, just simply bringing you the other SPRX that has been finished for a while, I just haven't had people to test it since I've never owned BFH and never plan to. Please let me know if anything is wrong with the SPRX, and Cyb3r and I will...
  5. Cain532

    PS3 GameSharkBeta

    Wooo! Hey there everybody, so this has been a big project I've been working hard on for quite a while; it utilizes my GameSharkPlugin to it's fullest, and brings you the entire vast library of Gameshark codes :D Now, bare in mind this is the initial release, and it's still in beta, I've got a...
  6. Absolute Zero

    Release jCCAPI - A Java Library for CCAPI Modding

    jCCAPI - A Java CCAPI Alternative by Absolute Zero About Today I bring you a completely new thing to the community: a CCAPI Java Library. What does this mean? It means we now have the ability to mod games via the Java programming language, which is multi-platform! That means we can now...
  7. drac0

    Free PS Plus (PS4)

    *NOTE: This tutorial requires you to have a valid payment method, if you are using your own payment method then just be sure to cancel auto renewal on the PlayStation account. Step 1:Go to Guerrilla Mail to get a disposable email address. Step 2:Sign up for a new PSN account and use the...
  8. KranK

    PS3 #Updated Rival Gamer Official ColdBoot (PS3 StartUp LOGO)

    Hey Rivals Here Is Little Present For The New Year Official Rival Gamer ColdBoot Standart Edition DOWNLOAD ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Black Edition DOWNLOAD ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PRIME EDITION GET HERE PRIMES ONLY
  9. KranK

    PS3 How To Fix lv2(2): System Warning : busy loop detected "while using SPRX" PS3 Target Manager

    Well Hello Modders and Coders As you May noticed some times Working SPRX just Crash and freeze your game and Target manager console output say lv2(2): System Warning : busy loop detected i was figuring why is this happening and i found out why exactly and even when i made blank SPRX with out...
  10. KranK


    What Is happens here? You turned your XMB MODE to OFW MODE using sen enabler just follow the steps I provided you it will solve your problem FIX! Install new version of sen enabler than turn it on and hold L2 for 5 seconds than click X and Than Select it will restart and you will get install...
  11. KranK


    Here is the opcodes i have for power pc lang ^-^ Hope u find them usefull ENJOY :)
  12. ItzDannyBoii

    PS3 [1.03] Tustin's EBOOT Builder

    General Information Another year, another EBOOT builder. I think you know the drill by now - this tool lets you build your own customized EBOOTs for BOIII. Contains non-host mods and a SPRX loader. Preemptive hello to Activision's suits Some Notes Only compiles EBOOTs for DEX (regular debug or...
  13. KranK

    PS3 C# PS3/RTM - Remote Mod Menu Base SourceCode

    Introduction: Hello All RivalGamer Members ! Today i have something special for you, i named it "Remote Mod Menu Base" What is it Exactly ?! Its an SourceCode of RTM Mod Menu Utility Windows form based That Controlled by PS3 Controller button monitoring (Game Bindz Based) Have A Mod Menu On...
  14. CowMore


    It has Begun. Not CID at the moment. but I am sure its on the way. Activision. This is the first account. this morning after modifying level & prestige on zombies.
  15. cfwgrimreaper

    PS3 Request dark souls 2 pkg or eboot 1.10

    Request dark souls 2 pkg or eboot 1.10
  16. Dog88Christian

    Index Console Modding & Releases Stickied/Featured Content

    Hello and welcome to the stickied / featured thread for Console Mods & Release forum. The purpose of this thread is to provide an easy means of access to the current popular releases, tutorials, and resources. If you have suggestions or feedback feel free to leave a comment! Tutorials &...
  17. Dog88Christian

    PS3 Debug Eboot Not Working (Not Attaching)

    I have debugged an eboot for a game Alien Isolation and it seems that it may not be debugged correctly. I have used my friend's and have tried using programs and still no luck. I cannot attach to the game (process). Although, I am able to connect to other games with a debug just fine. It's...
  18. Rage

    Solved Some ideas

    Earn Prime - Obviously Prime memberships are what pay to keep the site up and updated and maybe put a little extra money into Cyb3r pocket which is well deserved, but how about users can use there points to earn Prime, this can be like 1,000 points for 1 week of Prime, this will encourage users...
  19. Dog88Christian

    PS3 [1.25] Zombie Project By Radikal Amy (Custom Update + SPRX)

    (Please don't call me "man", I'm a lady haha!) "Hi guys! I'm releasing for free my Zombie Project, Rockstar never made a Halloween update, so I did! After 3 months of work, I designed almost 60 zombies (humans & animals), Halloween T-shirts and loading screens. I brought...