1. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix Tools Not Opening On Windows 10 (or lower)

    Hello RivalGamer's, today I am here to show you how to fix the issue of not being able to use tools. Normally, most people on Windows 10 cannot open multiple tools. You may have tried multiple solutions, but nothing has worked. Well I'm sure that you will fix that today and I will show you how...
  2. M


    Update v1.18: * fix error for CFW's 4.75 CEX standard Update v1.17: * chnage version spoofer to 4.76 * add support CFW's Rebug 4.75.1 REX only in normal mode & CFW 4.75 CEX Standard ( untested ) * fix version spoof 4.76 for CFW 4.66 CEX CFW Supported : - CFW ROGERO 4.46 ( compatible Cobra...
  3. Cain532

    PS3 RTM requests!!! [[CLOSED]]

    Good morning everybody! So, I'm going to open the floor with a requests! Any game you all can think of I will try to kick out a custom built RTM tool for it! No charge :p Got my partner in Crime GamePwnzer back :D Very excited to work with him again :) Games I got on the roster so far So...
  4. iDon

    PS3 Defiance Mods

    Hey can anyone make some defiance mods or a defiance pkg? is an old game, pretty sure easy to mod, I just cant do it, ill appreciate it guys, Vexx can you give it a try man?
  5. Cain532

    PS3 Tips and tricks when using the PS3Lib (C#)

    Hey there everybody! I haven't released anything in a while :X so I figured I'd break my silence with a nice tutorial on a general step by step guide into making your own RTM tool! It's actually fairly simple, I'm just going to run through the basics, there are of course more advanced functions...
  6. Samet Chan

    PS3 [UPDATE-9-24-2015] Useful Coldboot Anime's

    Welcome to Gamerz & Everyone! I'm working on make for PhotoShop CS5 & PS3 CFW or Coldboot anime image needed? What you may want to give my anime image, I can make last anyway! Coldboot Anime 124x...
  7. MoDz4Gaming

    Introduction Nice Looking Forum, I'm already enjoying the community .

    I'm MoDz4Gaming. I Jailbroke my first PS3 3yrs ago and been modding for some time now. Lately, I been seriously feeling more passionate about doing it correctly. I'm open to hearing about your ideas, the best ways that work for you. I'm ok with hearing about the constructive criticism as well...
  8. Samet Chan

    PS3 [UPDATE-9-26-2015] Useful CFW/Spoof/PKG's

    We have update ARCH Spoof 4.76 ^_^ Mega! *CCAPI 2.60 Rev5 + SPOOFER* FERROX: Yes ROGERO: Yes HABIB: Yes DARKNET: Yes REBUG REX & D-REX: Yes *CCAPI 2.60 Rev5 4.76* FERROX: Yes HABIB: Yes DARKNET: ? REBUG REX & D-REX: ?
  9. Dog88Christian

    How To Save Space By Deleting Game Languages

    Hello GZ, so today I've decided to share how to save and conserve space on your PS3 system. I don't believe something like this has been published any where, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows it. Unfortunately, I don't own a Elgato to show you this over video, but I will try to be as...
  10. Dog88Christian

    PS3 All CCAPI Versions [UPDATED 2.70]

    Hello GZ, thought I'd post all CCAPI versions up to this date. These are all the official versions and have not been modified. I know some people still use older versions and so do I, so instead of struggling to find them you can find them here. All versions support CEX & DEX, unless specified...
  11. Dog88Christian

    PS3 How To Setup a Jailbroken PS3 (Noob Friendly)

    Hello GZ, a long time ago last year a friend of mine was supposed to get a jailbroken PS3. I spent about two hours typing instructions and linking necessities he would need. He was a major noob, so I was trying to help. Well, he never got one and so I decided to go back in my emails find this...
  12. blaize270

    PS3 4.75 Jailbreak

    anyone know where i can a 4.75 PS3 jailbreak?
  13. blaize270

    Introduction What's up GZ

    Im looking for a PS3 4.75 jailbreak with install packages. Very much appreciated.
  14. G

    Introduction Hi all

    Hi all, I found this forum by youtube by eddiemac. Thank's and sorry for my bad english Im a ps3 player :)
  15. Dog88Christian

    PS3 2200+ Premium/Legendary Avatars

    Here are more than 2000 free avatars to use, without having to buy them ;) Instructions: - Written Tutorial 1. Copy all the ".edat" files in a folder of your USB device and connect it to ps3. 2. Go to MultiMAN ( or any FTP Manager such as Blackbox, Comgenie's, etc.) and go to...
  16. Dog88Christian

    PS3 Update Server (Use CFW's via Internet System Update)

    An Update Server URL is Simply a Custom Server Your PS3 can take updates from. The Purpose of using one is just to really save time and not go to your pc and back updating your system or downgrading it. This will be constantly updated with CFW's. Instructions: 1: You Must Have a DEX QA...
  17. Cain532

    PS3 Multi-Platform Debugger!!

    Alright folks!! Here it is, I have been working to get this up and running for some time now, and it's finally ready!! The first ever Multi-Platform debugger! Works with Playstation 3 games (CCAPI 2.60 and TMAPI support) as well as Xbox 360!! All functions work pretty damn well and I am super...
  18. ZerkFire

    How To Take Props Off Your Friend In Gta 5

    Sometimes props just get really annoying. Here is a way to take them off! So what you want to do is let them kill you. Once you have died and it's loading challenge them to a 1v1 deathmatch. Then just kill them in the deathmatch and bam no more props! Thanks for viewing my post ;)
  19. Kristijan1001

    PS3 A new PS3 Plugin by MixeryM@x

    Gameboot-Cycle v0.1 (A new PS3 plugin by MixeryM@xe) To Qoute: Hello Community I have designed a small plugin PS3 and wanted to share it with you. THANKS to @ 3141card_ for help Game Boat-Cycle v0.1 (download below in the Appendix) This plugin will automatically change the game Boots ...
  20. Kristijan1001


    Ps3 developer MixeryM@xe has recently released a new POC plugin called PS3Lock (idea based off XMB Lock by ermak86) that offers password protection for your PS3. Originally the developer added this in a mod to webMAN MOD (LINK) but has since decided to add this into his own plugin. Basically you...