1. xelahot

    PS3 SPRX SocketRequest Help

    Hi, I need help making a simple socketRequest on an SPRX for authentification purpose. - I tried this library : [C++] SPRX C++ AUTH - It never even managed to get the hostname with gethostbyname(URL). It returns NULL. Something’s wrong with the DNS server or with the library...
  2. Y

    PS3 request FUEL BCES00006 cheat pkg

    please any body BCES00006 JUST MAX SPEED
  3. Y

    PS3 jak and daxter trilogy Request

    please cheat pkg for jak and daxter trilogy BCUS98281 inf ammo Multiplying challenge points inf life inf jump (jetboard)
  4. Y

    God Of War Hd Collection Vol 2 [[PKG REQUEST]]

    Please ask the pkg cheat God Of War Collection Vol.2 Hd BCES01277