1. MoonLive

    Introduction Hello Everyone And My New RGH Stealth!

    I have recently created a stealth server and looking for a dev!
  2. anxify

    Offsets Minecraft TU36 Addresses Thread

    Hello Rival Gamers Welcome to the Official Minecraft Offsets Thread ;] Current Offsets found by me are the Following :laugh: Block Selection: N/A Camera Shake: N/A Hud Size: N/A Sensitivity: N/A Sky Color: N/A Time Speed: N/A Time: N/A View: N/A Walk Speed: N/A XRAY: N/A (I am currently...
  3. anxify

    Source Black Ops 2 Stats Tool for JTAG/ RGH

    Hello Rival Gamers I been learning a lot ways to code in the past few weeks so I decided to share with you awesome people! This isn't much,but It will help you get an idea of how numeric Up and Downs along with XRPC :) ALL DLL's needed will be in the source download :) Source(If use please give...
  4. charlie

    Introduction i love modding rgh

    Check out my youtube XeX Chazza for modding videos peace out!
  5. Cain532

    Gold Spoofer (Dashboard 17349)[OUTDATED]

    Nothing too impressive, just a Gold Spoofer for Xbox 360 :) Be sure you are signed out before using this! it'll also check to make sure Gold Spoof is enabled or not. Have fun! So, basically the way it works is this; You get on, make a fake Xbox account, go through the motions of setting up...