1. Cyb3r

    Tool jkPatch RPC NetCheat API

    This is an implementation of jkpatch RPC to work with NetCheat and it's pretty much fast, also NetCheat has some cool features that other apps doesn't have. Anyway here's a brief instructions on how to use it: Download the file in the link below, extract it and drop it into your NetCheat "APIs"...
  2. Dog88Christian

    How To Fix Tools Not Opening On Windows 10 (or lower)

    Hello RivalGamer's, today I am here to show you how to fix the issue of not being able to use tools. Normally, most people on Windows 10 cannot open multiple tools. You may have tried multiple solutions, but nothing has worked. Well I'm sure that you will fix that today and I will show you how...
  3. Dog88Christian

    PS3 All CCAPI Versions [UPDATED 2.70]

    Hello GZ, thought I'd post all CCAPI versions up to this date. These are all the official versions and have not been modified. I know some people still use older versions and so do I, so instead of struggling to find them you can find them here. All versions support CEX & DEX, unless specified...