1. Vexx

    PS3 Enslaved Odyssey to the West Modded Game Save

    Enslaved Odyssey to the West Modded Save The save includes: -Max Tech Orbs Credits: Me (Vexx) making the Modded Save! Download PassWord
  2. Vexx

    PS3 Yakuza 3 Modded Save

    Yakuza 3 Modded Save The save includes: -Max Money -Max Abilities Skills -Max Level (All Characters) -Max Items Download PassWord'[/URL]
  3. Dog88Christian

    How To Save Space By Deleting Game Languages

    Hello GZ, so today I've decided to share how to save and conserve space on your PS3 system. I don't believe something like this has been published any where, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows it. Unfortunately, I don't own a Elgato to show you this over video, but I will try to be as...
  4. Dog88Christian

    PS3 The Evil Within - Save Corrupt Fix?

    So, every single mod i've seen for this game causes the save to fuck up and freeze at a certain chapter like 4. You are forced to have to restart the game, which is extremely annoying. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone's found a fix to this, or if it can be done, and why it's happening.