1. anxify

    Source MW3 Rival Ops SPRX Menu

    Hello, Rival Gamers :p Today I have for a sprx menu I've been working on,but never had the time to finish,but anyways I've added Comments in the source explaining how to add options and all that jazz :biggrin: All Options that are already in it work so feel free to add on to it :) Screenshot...
  2. D

    Release Call Of Duty Ghosts - FPS Menu Base - iFrenchDev

    Yo Whats Up Fellow RivalGamer's! Today I Will Release My Ghosts Non Host FPS Menu Base This Menu Base is Really User Friendly For Those Who Are Just Starting Out Programming, I Started To Program it as I Was going to make a Menu Called Mystify For Ghosts, But now i have So Much Going on That i...
  3. KranK

    PS3 C# PS3/RTM - Remote Mod Menu Base SourceCode

    Introduction: Hello All RivalGamer Members ! Today i have something special for you, i named it "Remote Mod Menu Base" What is it Exactly ?! Its an SourceCode of RTM Mod Menu Utility Windows form based That Controlled by PS3 Controller button monitoring (Game Bindz Based) Have A Mod Menu On...