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    complete story mode

    if you want to figure out the location of all events such as, strangers and freaks, random events, letter pieces, or spaceship parts go to and scroll all the way to the bottom to the map and tap "not found"
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    Introduction greetings

    hello, i am new to this website and i would like to offer my help to anyone, i know a good chunk of information about GTA5 on the ps3, just contact me if you need help with something
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    Get a higher K/D

    one way i have found very effective is by going to settings in the pause menu. setting the look around sense almost all the way up, the aim sense a little bit higher than half, and the aim from simple to complex. and allow movement when zoomed. I like to cut out a small piece of eletrical tape...
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    Killing yourself can get you into bad sport

    I have just re-entered bad sport when i "took the easy way out" many times in a row, i don't know how many, but it was more that 10. I was trying to kill myself with a gun(in the game), because after a while of killing someone, then taking the easy way out, you will kill yourself with a gun(in game)