1. ImHaxoTV

    GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV) Mods/Mod Menus & Modding Stuff PC/Ps3/Xbox 360

    Info: Here can you find all about GTA 4 Mods, have fun! GTA IV Xbox & PC File Editing Programs General OpenIV Use this to open the GTA IV .rpf and .img files, it also lets you extract and replace files within the archives. This will be needed to edit or make your own custom mods. Download...
  2. anxify

    Other How to Make a Skype Tool

    Using the Skype4Com library Hello, and welcome to another tutorial :) I am sorry that I haven't been all that active recently :( ,but I hope this will make up for it. In advance I do apologize for any grammatical errors or anything that isn't explained correctly. If you have any queries feel...
  3. anxify

    Release Battle Field 4 RTM Tool by iAmLegacyy7

    Hello Rival Babies :laugh: Today iAmLegacyy7 is releasing his Battle Field 4 Tool for PS3 for both CEX and DEX :D He Gave me permission to post it so why not :p (So Thank you for that :h:) Credits: Cain532 - Help with coding Trojan041 - Offsets Felony - Coding / Theme :p iAmLegacyy7 - Coding /...
  4. B

    PS3 BzrkArts Black Ops 2 Quick Recovery Tool (1.19)

    Hello RivalGamers!:showoff: This is my 1st thread, and to start off this is the first ever tool i'm releasing and it's pretty use full. Down below is a video of me coding it and there's also screenshots. If you don't trust the program i have a virus scan of it. Name of tool- BzrkArts Quick...
  5. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Destiny RTM Tool

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay it was a busy week and also I had an extensive work on the site to re-brand it and make it more awesome for you guys to enjoy. Anyway here's the latest version of my famous destiny too (old design also looks awesome xD). Download: [ ] Virus Scan: [...
  6. KiLLerBoy_001

    Tool Tuneables_processing Dehasher

    As some of you might know the Tuneables_processing script contains the indices for memory editing of the tunables. Though the issue is that all the tunables are Hashed these days. For example sub_1b93(a_0, a_1, 0x1600629, &g_40001._fB83, 1); Thats tunables "1600629" with the index of...
  7. cfwgrimreaper

    NEED bo3 recovery tool

    Need a working bo3 recovery tool
  8. CowMore

    Tool EBOOT Builder 1.2

    all credits to tustine for this tool just sharing to the community Another year, another EBOOT builder. I think you know the drill by now - this tool lets you build your own customized EBOOTs for BOIII. Contains non-host mods and a SPRX loader. Preemptive hello to Activision's suits...
  9. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Plants Vs Zombies RTM Tool

    Sup RG folks, sorry for being idle for the last couple of months, anyway here's a another release for you guys hope you enjoy it, I will be adding more mods when I have more time, here's the current features: Infinite Health Infinite Ammo Max Money After 1 Wave Max & Infinite Challenge Stars...
  10. Cyb3r

    Exclusive Uncharted 2 RTM Stats Tool

    Hello RG! This tool was released by me long time ago and now it's time to be on public, the game servers is about to get closed by NaughtyDog so enjoy while you can. Features: Stats Editing Money Kills Deaths Wins Losses Co-op Points Time Played Cheats GodMode Infinite Ammo Misc. Legit...
  11. Smoky75

    PS3 [1.05]Dragon Ball Xenoverse RTM Tool

    Hello Gz :wink: Just a little tool i made for Dragon Ball xenoverse since some friends asked me and i didn't saw any tool for 1.05 Addresses was found on BLUS31507 version but i guess it's the same on all version. I will update it and i plan to add more stuff like unlocks or health which is...
  12. Cyb3r

    Exclusive How to Mod any game by yourself!

    Hello RG members, today i'll learn you a big thing to find and do what you like in ps3 debugger, this lesson is targeting and intermediate ps3 debugger users, so the pro's are off the topic :p, so let's start. Our objective: How to find caller functions in ProDG Debugger. Introduction: The...