1. Absolute Zero

    PS3 Open Source Tuneables Editor (1.26)

    Tuneables V - Open Source Absolute Zero About I suppose this release is pretty self explanatory, its a tuneable editor for GTA V update 1.26. This essentially allows you to set some variables to allow things like snow year round, free shopping, idle kick bypass, and more. This editor allows...
  2. KiLLerBoy_001

    Tool Tuneables_processing Dehasher

    As some of you might know the Tuneables_processing script contains the indices for memory editing of the tunables. Though the issue is that all the tunables are Hashed these days. For example sub_1b93(a_0, a_1, 0x1600629, &g_40001._fB83, 1); Thats tunables "1600629" with the index of...