1. skellysharpz55

    Exclusive I got a youtube channel. I need support if you can.

    I mod ps3 and use extortion v3.8 and I try to be a nice modder and don't mess with people. If you check out my channel you will see I do modded account giveaways for players that always want free stuff from me. Ran into this group the other day that jumped me and you will see what happens to...
  2. skellysharpz55

    Introduction Hello everyone!

    I am a modder for ps3 and I was referred to this page by someone I meet on Facebook. Here to check out what is available here on this site. You can check me out on YouTube at skellysharpz55 Peace
  3. Cain532

    News Social Media and other RivalGamer outlets!

    Hello there my babies :h: I've been working very hard to get several things up and running such as a Discord Channel, YouTube channel and a Twitter account all for RivalGamer!!! RivalGamer Discord I'm developing a bot to help with a lot of basic functions and I got some cool thoughts on what to...
  4. Cain532

    Exclusive Trying something new :P

    So! I am super excited to bring this to you all! It's a RivalGamer exclusive series I am calling YouTube Interactive! As long as you are a member of our Discord Channel you can take part in this :P With YouTube Interactive, I will be doing video game runs with minimal item pickups! along with...
  5. Cain532

    Be My Player 2!

    I'm starting a side channel called Be My Player 2 where I have friends come over and we play our favorite games together! Many more videos to come, ranging across ALL the consoles I have at my disposal (And trust me, there are a lot ;) )
  6. Tahmid Hossain

    Introduction Introduction

    Hello, My name is Tahmid and I am A Gamer who makes YouTube videos. I love gaming and enjoy school.
  7. Bass

    Bass Booster/Gamer Check out Here!

    So as some of you know i Bass Boost Songs! Here is my Latest/Favourite Bass Boost of all time. If you would like a song Bass Boosted check out my thread here Want a song bass boosted? [Request Here!] Besides that i hope you enjoy my channel Content and hope to see you subscribe to me. CIexn...
  8. F

    Introduction Hello Peeps

    Im new to this forums page, And yeah i guess ill introduce myself. Im a 15 year old and my name is Chris, im a GTA 5 & COD Modder I Post Modding Showcase's and tutorials on my youtube channel - FrozenVisions - Glitches, Tutorials, More - YouTube Im also i friendly person.