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Oct 4, 2015

What's Up RG Babies!!!!

I am bringing you another tutorial for all my GTA Fans xD

Things you will need for Tutorial.

Liberty Tool

RAD Tool

Movie Maker
Just download it from google, Unless you have it already.

Tutorial Steps

Step 1. Open your RPF file with Liberty, PS3/Models/Movies

Step 2. Export " rockstar_logos.bik file to your desktop.

Step 3. Find a video that you want to insert, It can be anything music video, porn, funny video etc. No matter video you pick it has to be shorten down to 15 seconds, Choose choose your favorite scene by editing it with " Movie Maker ".

Step 4. Now open your video inside with " Movie Maker ". This is the part where your gonna edit your video from the starting point and Ending point.

Starting Point

Ending Point

Step 5. Now your gonna save your custom video you created.

Step 6. Now that your completed in saving your video, Now your gonna open the " RAD Tool ", And load your 15 second video that you made like this and hit the " Bink it " Button.

Step 7. Once video loads up after hitting the Bink it button, Another screen will open up and your gonna hit the " Bink " Button again.

If all steps were followed correctly after hitting the bink button, Another screen should open and
processing your video

Step 8. After your video is completed, Now your gonna take your " Bink Video " and rename it to " rockstar_logos "

Step 9. After you rename your new video to " rockstar_logos " Now your basically following Steps 1 all over again the only difference its your not Exporting the file your gonna " Import " your video thats renamed " rockstar_logos.bik "

Well i hope everyone enjoys there new modded video rpf file.

**Note** The videos in my tutorial i only had on hand so don't judge me :D You can use whatever video to your liking
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