News All exclusive RG content are free to use!


RG Admin
RG Admin
Feb 21, 2015
Hey guys, I finally decided to make all our exclusive free to all our members, the main reason why we didn't do that earlier is because all the leeches going on in the scene and also in hope that we can keep the site up and running by selling prime upgrades. But since we're not getting much from it anyway I decided to work more on a system that allows everyone to enjoy our exclusive content but also protects our hard work. So now every single member on RG have a key called RG Key which can be found in the drop down panel when you hover over your name:

Alternatively you can get it from your personal details page:

Copy/paste that key in the login dialog when it required by our tools. I have to mention that you can only use that key on 1 device unless you are a prime member, alternatively the hwid will reset once per a week. Certain tools may ask for additional requirements such as minimum post count and/or prime membership, that depends on the tool developer.

Here's a list of our most wanted tools that already been released:
And more being ported to the new system by other staff members so hang on. ;)

Hope you guys enjoy our content and please feel free to ask/suggest anything, and if you like our content please make sure to donate to the site so we can keep it up and running.

  • Sharing your key will get you perma ban from the site and IP/HWID block.
  • Registering with multiple accounts in order to use the tools on multiple devices will also result in all accounts ban and IP/HWID block.