PS3 BO3 Antiban eboot blus 1.07


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Jun 12, 2015
This is for update 1.07

Enjoy! Credits to Indie Developer. I believe this will be helpful because I think people were being banned because all the bo3 eboots that came out had bles antiban offsets that don't work on blus. So I bugged Indie until he released the blus version. Normally you can just take a eboot and change it to blus, bles or debug and be good but with black ops 3 it seems that the antiban offsets were different between blus and bles so if you are on bles dex you have to change your bles eboot to debug eboot and if on blus dex you have to change your blus eboot to a debug if on cex it stays bles or blus depending on your region. I am sure iamLegacyy7 will have a modded version up soon. So enjoy. Oh also there is no guarantee you will not get banned but so far it is working for me. Download:!O4YFgZ6Z!1380dEyrovmZY0Ar3gT7WQ
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