PS3 Cheat PKG Official Rules Section

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Apr 5, 2015


01. Any “kind or form” of foul words and swears are not allowed.
Do not Use Foul Language, not even censored inappropriate words.
For Example (S*FU, W*F, etc are swear).

02. Use English as Main Language

All non-English threads and post will be deleted. And if repeated continuously then warning and permanent ban will be given.

03. Search before Posting a Thread.

Use the search function of forum before you posting or creating thread, whether you have a question or something new to share.
This is the most basic thing you do before start posting a thread in any sub-forum. If you don't follow this, any repeated thread will be deleted.
Multiple threads on one topic will be deleted.

04. NO Spamming or Double Posting.

Do not refrain from posting the same message more than once it considered spam.
Post or threads only with Smileys, will be considered as a spam. And they will be deleted immediately. If you keep on posting on and on, you will be warned and banned.

05. Don’t post warez or copyright contents of any form.

You must give credits to the member/team whose work you used (if you used).
Do not include copyrated or warez content or other Forum Sites into your threads.

06. Try to post messages only once.

You are free to edit your message as you like, so if you do not receive an answer, revisit your message and see if you can describe your problem better.
Not everyone Staff team is online at the same time.

07. Flaming, Trolling, Insulting or abusing other Users will not be tolerated. Users should always post in a way that is respectful to other Users.


If you Breaking any of the RULES above, the my Receive an Infraction Notice,
Suspension or Ban. :readangry:

Thanks for taking the time and Reading the Offical Rules !!!!
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