PS3 Dead Space 3 [BLES01733 & BLUS31053] CHEATS v1.02


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Apr 8, 2015
It annoys me how they modified the weapons in this game. Back in 1 & 2 I could easily find all the stuff to modify for weapon properties. Massive line gun length, stasis lasting forever for enemies, ripper blade lasting forever, massive explosion radius, massive damage, rapid fire and whatever else. I couldn't find anything and nearly gave up on rapid fire, but 500 bad guesses later and 1 worked among countless worthless decoys that seemingly affected nothing with any of the weapons beyond a useless visual size modifier for weapons.

I don't know which infinite health you are using, but there were at least 2 when the game came out. Medo's infinite health had the side effect of working for human enemies too, and then whoever (CodeUnique??? vosman??? I don't know who) had 1 after that and it seemed like it worked fine. Infinite health still allows you to die though. Any instant kill thing like failing a button sequence or walking into a grinder or lasers or certain enemy attacks could still 1 hit kill you.

I got a working invincibility code that prevented all of the 1 hit kills from working so it's better than just the health code.
There's also codes for the hacking timer, turret gun health for a certain part of the game, enemies starting with 1 HP so throwing a paper airplane at them would kill them, massive kinesis range, rapid fire, a button combo to toggle no gravity which is from my dumber early days where I used a direct memory address rather than having the actual code dump the buttons for me, infinite stasis length, and instantly completing button mashers if anybody wanted. They are inside the artemis database.