Files you should have when you first get your RGH/JTAG

Teufel Hunden

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Oct 4, 2014
There has been many people asked "What do I need?", "What should I have?", etc. I thought this would be a good thread to resort to if you're getting a modded console soon or you just received yours.

What is the XeX Menu?
The XeX Menu is an Xbox 360 Application which allows you to rip games from hard drives, boot various region games, patch games and run unsigned codes. You must have a "homebrew" enabled Xbox 360 (also called a "Jtag" or "RGH".

Where do I get the XeX Menu?
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How do I install the XeX Menu?

What is FreeStyleDash?
Is a dashboard with many features I will provide below!
- List Xbox 360 games, XBLA games,XBOX games, GOD Packages, applications, emulators, and launch them.
- Synchronise time via NTP
- Can move items between menus.
- Browse games by genre.
- Favourite games support.
- View recently played games.
- Game details including no of players, resolution, sound etc.
- Full screenshot viewer.
- Preview video for each game.
- Support for background artwork for each title, including boxart, screenshots and icon.
- Use FSD indexer to download artwork (or add manually) and edit the metadata with each game and upload to Xbox 360 either via USB drive or FTP.
- FTP Passive and Active Support.
- FTP speeds now support 10Mb+ to internal HDD.
- FTP working in many more clients.
- File Browser including copying, moving, renaming and deleting files.
- Copy DVD to USB drive or HDD.
- Sounds within user interface.
- Semi-Transparent menus.
- Shows Gamertag / Gamerpic / Gamerscore of current signed-in user on main screen.
- Shows Date and Time in dashboard.
- Shows free disk space on all drives.
- Shows temperatures.
- Show IP address.
- Parental controls which lock down to only showing XBLA games.
- Fully skinable.
- Customizable overscan.
- Source code released too.

Where do I get FreeStyle Dash?
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How do I install FreeStyle Dash?

What is Dashlaunch?
Dashlaunch is where you can set plugins for mod menus, set short cuts, and much more.

Where do I get Dashlaunch?
Download Dashlaunch V3.07.rar from - send big files the easy way

How do I install Dashlaunch?

I will be updating this once I think of more things.​