GTA V Gamesaves! 1-25 Different saves!


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So guys! Here you go! GTA V GameSaves! All saves are tested by me and are all working great! :)
Photo Link: Download Links: (if any broke down. PM ME!)

Save 01 - 1.6% ; Prologue and Franklin and Lamar complete Gold
Just a plain starter save

All missions unlocked Test save

Save 02 - 2.8% ; 49 out of 50 Stunt Jumps
Jump the broken bridge in the golf course for final jump

Save 03- 6.9% ; All Knife Flights done and 49/50 Under the Bridge complete

49/50 Letter Scraps found - collect last scrap and kill the murderer as Franklin

BONUS SAVES Requested @ 6.9% - Franklin has unlimited God mode until you switch to Michael
Police Rancher from North Yankton
Police Road Cruiser from North Yankton

Save 04 - 18.8% ; Ready to collect the gas from the truck on highway and the bug van. Complete the heist for
the Diamond Hard achievement

Save 05 - 22.9% ; Trevor Unlocked, find a random person that needs a ride and take them to the Altruist Cult in
the mountains for the Altruist Acolyte achievement

Head over to the quarry south east of your location to locate the first bounty and bring him
back alive to Maude for the Wanted: Alive or Alive achievement

Save 06 - 24.9% ; Complete the final land run at the airfield for the TP Industries Arms Race achievement

Save 07 - 26.5% ; Complete 'Fame or Shame' for the A Friendship Resurrected achievement

Save 08 - 36% ; Downtown Cab Co. purchased, usually get the call within 10 seconds of the save load by semi slowly
leaving the driveway and take a left. Turn left at the intersection and just have about half to
a quarter of the gas pressed, this should put you in the right place at the right time for a
call from the Downtown Cab Co for a Private Fare. Complete the mission for the achievement
All's Fare in Love and War

Save 09 - 37.2% ; Map completely unlocked, switch characters to unlock the San Andreas Sightseer achievement

Sell at least one Tinkle stock for to unlock the Trading Pure Alpha achievement

Save 10 - 38.4% ; Complete the final rampage for the Red Mist achievement

Save 11 - 45.3% ; Complete a sea race for the Multi-Disciplined achievement

Save 12 - 54% ; Complete the final Kifflom is best to arrive at the site and pull out an assault rifle
to kill everyone and then lose the cops. You will unlock the Kifflom! achievement AND get 2.1
million dollars!!

Save 13 - 54% ; Complete Trevor's Heist to unlock the Subversive achievement

Save 14 - 54.8% ; Complete the mission 'Blitz Play' to unlock the Blitzed achievement

Save 15 - 58% ; Complete the mission 'Caida Libre' to unlock A Fair Day's Pay achievement

Save 16 - 58.8% ; Go to Replay Mission and play 'Complications' and knock out the gardener with a stealth attack,
now complete the mission to unlock the Solid Gold, Baby! achievement

Save 17 - 65.3% ; Complete the mission 'The Paleto Score' to unlock the Small Town, Big Job achievement

Save 18 - 72.3% ; Collect the final spaceship part and return as Franklin to Omega to turn in the actual quest for
the From Beyond the Stars achievement and the Space Docker

Switch to Michael and complete 'Bury the Hatchet' to unlock The Moment of Truth achievement

Save 19 - 80.3% ; Complete the heist 'The Bureau Raid' to unlock The Government Gimps achievement

Save 20 - 87.5% ; Complete the heist 'The Big Score' to unlock The Big One! achievement

Save 21 - 89.8% ; Complete the final story mission 'The Third Way' to unlock the To Live or Die in Los Santos

Buy all attachments to a gun if you haven't already to unlock the Pimp My Sidearm achievement

Save 22 - 90.6% ; Use the cellphone app to collect the last nuclear waste piece for the Waste Management achievement

Save 23 - 90.6% ; Jump in the water and let the shark kill you for the Out of Your Depth achievement

Save 24 - 90.6% ; Call Michael and Trevor and ask each to hang out, once they are called pick them both up and drive
to the airport to get 3 wanted stars and drive around for 3 minutes for the Three Man Army

Save 25 - 98.8% ; Rob the gas station to get the Career Criminal achievement at 100% completion

Thats was all from me!

Best Regrats!