GTA V Mod Menu xKoVx v2 Release TU26 + Download


Visual Developer
Aug 28, 2015
xKoVx v2
The Menu base was from Chrome Modz (who made The ****er Menu)
How to Load the menu:
1.Download the gta updates
2.Go to dashlaunch and put xKoVx v2.xex as a plugin!
3.reboot your Jtag/Rgh
4.Load Gta then you should have xKoVx v2
Dpad Left + X = Open/Close Menu
Dpad Up + Down = Scroll
A = Select
B = Go Back
Note, this is for tu26, so make sure you have the right tu, or it will not work
or may keep freezing your xbox at loading screen!
if you would like to make videos of this menu go ahead
even put our menu up for download on website, your youtube, if ya like :h:
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