How to get 50% more battery life on a PS4 Controller (Battery replacement) {TUT}


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Oct 3, 2014
How to get 50% more battery life from PS4 Controller
(Battery replacement)

I am not responsible for you breaking your controller!

Things you will need
-Smartphone battery or Ps3 Battery
US link here $5.15 & UK Link here £1.95

This Tutorial will show you on how to replace
a ps4 controller battery with another by giving it 50% more life then before!.
The grey box in the middle is the over charge protection,
this is where your battery is housed.
The current PS4 battery is 1000mah and 3.65 Volts,
we are after 1500mah, this will hold 50% more power.
You can use 2000 mah as long as it's 3.6 volts, 3.7 Volts,
lithium ion, and the dimensions fit.

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