How To Improve Your PS3/PS4 Internet Connection (Reduce Lag)


Apr 1, 2015
Want to speed up your PS3 internet connection? Then read this.

Ok, I came across something awesome, it should speed up your internet connection for your PS3 (It sure did for me, from 6.5Mbps to 17.5Mbps. No lie) and I thought I should share it with you guys

Although I should let you know, just because I got a major increase in speed, it will not mean that you will too, results may vary.

Also before proceeding, if you do not have your IP address and Default Router IP set under (Manual) settings, then please go to
(Settings) >>> (Settings and Connection Status List ) and wait for the Information to pop up, once it does, copy both the IP Address and Default Router IP. Also if you already have information under (Manual) settings, please write them down as backup so that if you don't like the new settings, you can always restore them back to the way you had it.

Another thing you want to do is test your current download speed connection. You can do so by going to
(Network Settings) and selecting (Internet Connection Test) once it fully runs through, write down the Download and Upload speed results you got so that you can compare them later. (For people who have SD T.V. you may have to scroll down to view the Download and Upload speed results.)
i was laggin loike hell before i did this and no more lagg
hope this helps

The first thing you need to do is to go to your PS3 and on the XMB, scroll towards
(Settings) and under
(Settings), go to
(Network Settings) and under that, go to (Internet Connection Settings). Once there, then go to (Custom) and when you get to (IP Address Settings), select (Manual). Now enter your IP Address into the IP Address line, leave the Subnet Mask default. Next thing you want to do is place your default router IP in the Default Router line. After that, those two DNS lines you see is what is going to speed up your internet connection for your PS3. Set both the Primary and Secondary DNS with the information below as exact.

Primary DNS -

Secondary DNS -

After you have placed all the above information, go ahead and save the settings and select (Test Connection) and see if your downloading speed has improved. If it has improved your internet performance on your PS3, please provide feedback on this thread of your results.