How to obtain a PS4 of firmware 1.76 or lower


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Jul 10, 2015

Alright RG, the lowest needed firmware to in

stall a CFW on the PS4 is 1.76 or lower. This firmware is not needed, it's just the lower the better sometimes. But here i'm going to help you find a 1.76 or lower!
If the PS4 was released anytime before August 20th, 2014, it should be on 1.76 or lower as that is when the OFW 1.76 was released by Sony.

Now be sure to get all the proof you can and if you can buy one new and sealed that would be great because you know it's going to be on 1.76 or lower. If the PS4 says used, be sure to confirm with the seller that it has not been updated.

I need to warn you about Ebay and Amazon. These are good sites and all but the item descriptions can be misleading sometimes. More on Ebay than Amazon. Amazon has a good return policy so it's best trusted even though you'll find more results on Ebay. Remember, all the proof and confidence you can find.
Here are a list of bundles that came out back then
- PS4 Glacier White Destiny Bundle
- Battlefield 4 Launch Bundle
- Knack launch Bundle
- InFamous Second Son + Killzone Shadow Fall + Knack Bundle
- NBA 2K14 Bundle
- FIFA 2K14 Bundle
- Dynasty Warriors 7 Bundle
- Dynasty Warriors 8 bundle
- Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Bundle
- Infamous: Second Son launch Bundle
- Watch Dogs 2 Bundle
- PS4 Black Destiny Bundle
- PS4 Black DriveClub Bundle
- PS4 Glacier White DriveClub Bundle
- Call of Duty: Ghost Bundle
- Little Big Planet 3
- LEGO Batman 3 Bundle
- PS4 Model Number CUH-1001A​

It's been reported about The Last of Us bundle has been shipped with firmwares 1.76-2.03. CONFIRMATION!

Thanks to OfficialJesseP​
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