PC How to start your ฿itcoin Experince!


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Aug 30, 2015
[SUCCESS]Welcome to my 'How To Start Your ฿itcoin Experience! Follow all instructions correctly for the best experience, This is not limited to pc users, phone users can do this too![/SUCCESS]
[WARNING]What you do is not up to me. Mess up start over![/WARNING]

Lets get started with the basics then to wallet security and more.

1. The Basics!
฿itcoin is its own currency. There's no government in place to secure things is all on your own.
Today I'm going to show you What's bitcoin, how it works, alt bitcoins, wallet, miners, and some sites that accept bitcoin.

Okay first you need to learn a lot about ฿itcoin. I can't explain it all here but here's the link to the OFFICIAL site if you need additional information. https://www.bitcoin.com/

2. How It Works

฿itcoin isn't controlled by anyone and your completely anonymous to everyone.
So this means you need to pick a wallet that's secure.
Choose a wallet here: https://www.bitcoin.com/choose-your-wallet
And download it, follow steps but your not done, some support more then just ฿itcoin.
And that's what I'm talking about next but there's more then wallets.
You have miners. They work of a CPU And GPU so if you have a powerful computer you could mine right off it! After a while of collecting you may purchase goods anything from guns to handheld lasers! (Literarily Stay to the end to find out more!)

3. Alt Coins!
So besides bitcoin you have others. Too many to name but there's some cool things about them.

  1. They can mine faster.
  2. They can find more.
  3. They are less CPU and GPU hungry.
They are all different in specs but those are some common ones.

4. Wallets!
There's a huge about of wallets but you must chose carefully. Some wallets have less security but I like original bitcoin because its easier to use.
In a wallet you can...

  • Send
  • Request
  • Withdraw
  • Accept money
  • Change your wallets name
  • Change your security
  • More!
By now you must want to know how to increase your security.
Some wallets have advanced security such as; password and a list of words and date stamp.
The ones I just told you you have to write down because you wont see the list of words or datestamp to login to other pcs!

5. Miners!
Without them you wont earn free bitcoins!
You can buy good auto ones for above 300, these are real machines u need to plug in.
You have cloud ones, free, slow money, but good.
And apps, these have claiming dates so claim or no money!
Currently Apps are very usless. It will take 14 million andriod phones to make 1 coin worth 10$ in bitcoin and 8$ litecoin

6. Sites that accept bitcoin!
Lazers: http://bitlasers.com/opencart/
Find Stuff: http://spendbitcoins.com/

7. The end!
Make sure to comment if this helped you!
And hey if you want some coins you may be send some money!
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