Tool JKPatch: PS4 4.05 Jailbreak Kernel Patches, Process Memory View Tool


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Jul 10, 2015
Here you have your normal memory viewer and poker.
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Pressing backspace in the memory viewer will delete a byte so be careful.

Edit the IP file to your own PS4's IP and make sure you have JKPatch loaded first. If your PS4 goes into Rest Mode, then doing anything with RPC may crash it.

[HIDE]Download: (45.57 KB)[/HIDE]

Want speed? Look no further... Use LAN and your searches will be lightning fast.

Want to help with this project? Check out the GitHub. [HIDE][/HIDE]

Update: Here is a new version with a reboot function, peek/poke unlimited length, and save view bytes to file. Also the hex view will now prevent you from inserting/deleting bytes. Oh also the memory map view looks 100x better, and you can see all the mappings now.