PS3 NEED Tekken Tag Tournament 2 save


Jul 9, 2018
I'm looking for an American (BLUS31002) version save of Tekken tag tournament 2 with max gold. I don't need everything unlocked. I.e. story mode and all that. But if I have no choice for it I'm fine. I had loads of money and unlock custom gear previously, but due to a shitty ex. That save is no longer vailable to me. I've tried to resign the only available save from Europe. And I've successfully got it to copy and be resigned to my account. But for some reason it's ALWAYS corrupted when I boot the game. So either the file is corrupted from the original poster or I'm missing something. I'm VERY aware the save is write protected. But I do know that it can come from a jailbreak ps3. Since you can remove write protection from a save with a nodded ps4. So if anyone out there can mod their save to have max gold and post the .rar file. I'd really appreciate it. I can obviously resign it myself. Thanks for the help.