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Jun 4, 2017
Hello RG! first off, i'm not a programmer, just a passionate gamer who's not afraid to mess around and learn!

I just got my first PS4 a week ago, and barely managed to get PS4_Cheater to work. anyways i got the cheat file for Nioh that has some codes for weapons and items, but from what i've read you need to have at least one of each. so the cheats are useless for newcomers early in the game. so i managed to find these codes myself and tested both twice (restarted the PS4+Changed the item's location to make sure the codes are still working )
anyways, i barely got two working codes, but they're useful to get you started.

(i'm not sure about other versions of the game) but your PS4 will rest whenever before or after a cut-scene is triggered while using the codes, so it's better to use the codes alter whatever you want, save (touch the shrine ) then restart your PS4 to play the game with no active codes.

Game Region CUSA07123
Game Version 1.00

Cheats Available:
Note 1: Codes in Green are temp codes useful for the first chapter of the game/rests back to normal upon touching the shrine, while codes in orange are permanent

Note 2: you can use the XP to enhance your stats as you please. but if you're gonna use the stats-codes you need to enter and exit the stats section at the shrine twice for it to take effect.

Note: you need to have one for the code to work

  • Medicine/Potions x99
  • Elixir x99
Player Status:
  • Current HP 9999 (your overall HP is untouched to avoid HP resetting or glitches )
  • Toughness 999 (Toughness is the equivalent to poise in the dark souls games. Meaning you can take hits without your attacks being interrupted)
  • Attack for Melee Weapon 1 999
  • Attack for Melee Weapon 2 999
  • BODY 99
  • HEART 99
  • STAMINA 99
  • SKILLS 99
  • MAGIC 99
  • SPIRIT 99
  • AMRITA(Experience Points) 9999999

just download the file and load it to your PS4_Cheater 1.4.3 by following these steps.
(Super fast Guide to get PS4_Cheater up and ready first)

1.Power up your PS4 and do what you have to do to launch your game.
2.Stay next to the Shrine to avoid enemies and Hit The Home button on your controller to go back to the XMB)
3.go to Browser as you usually do, select your Firmware version (i'm on 4.55) then click "Original"
4.Launch PS4_Cheater add your PS4 ID then click on Send Payload and wait for the app to refresh(takes 3 seconds ) now click Refresh Processes and go back to your game.
5.Click Refresh Processes again and select eboot.bin
6.Click on the Load Button to load the file you just downloaded

7.To Activate the Code click on that tiny X button to active/write the code once.

8. Lock the code for Constant Writing (This is helpful for infinite like codes like ammo/item etc )
please note, that once you touch the Shrine to save your game, the number of medicine and your HP rests as well, BUT you can avoid all that by choosing the constant writing method, aka Checking the Lock box like in the following screenshot

And that's all.

Please note that i only played the game for like half an hour. so i don't have any other items to test.
I'll update the thread later when i get the time to play the game more.

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Jul 11, 2018
1.3|eboot.bindata|3|157A90|4 bytes|99999999|0|spirit iron fragment|16003A90data|3|159458|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Tamahagane|16005458data|3|158968|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Wood|16004968data|3|1588A0|4 bytes|99999999|0|High-Quality Tamahagane|160048A0data|3|1580D0|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Lacquer|160040D0data|3|1592C8|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Leather Cord|160052C8data|3|158710|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Leather kozane|16004710data|3|158328|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Iron kozane|16004328data|3|158D50|4 bytes|99999999|0|Demon Horn|16004D50data|3|1579C8|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q INGOT|160039C8data|3|158260|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q LACQUER|16004260data|3|158580|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q LEATHER CORD|16004580data|3|1587D8|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q LEATHER KOZANE|160047D8data|3|1584B8|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q IRON KOZANE|160044B8data|3|158198|4 bytes|99999999|0|IRON CHUNK|16004198data|3|158A30|4 bytes|99999999|0|H-Q WOOD|16004A30data|3|159520|4 bytes|99999999|0|Great Cantipede Fang|16005520data|3|159070|4 bytes|99999999|0|Bangasa Rib|16005070data|3|136A88|4 bytes|99999999|0|Large Spirit Stone|15FE2A88data|3|1358A8|4 bytes|99999999|0|Spirit Stone|15FE18A8data|3|1342B8|4 bytes|99999999|0|Small Spirit Stone|15FE02B8data|3|13F238|4 bytes|99999999|0|Arrow|15FEB238data|3|137E08|4 bytes|99999999|0|Special Arrow|15FE3E08data|3|13A5D8|4 bytes|99999999|0|Rifle Ammo|15FE65D8data|3|136268|4 bytes|99999999|0|Special Rifle Ammo|15FE2268data|3|13A0F8|4 bytes|99999999|0|Hand Cannon Ammo|15FE60F8data|3|137448|4 bytes|99999999|0|Special Hand Cannon Ammo|15FE3448data|3|16B0B8|4 bytes|99999999|0|Guardian Spirit Talisman|160170B8data|3|16B310|4 bytes|99999999|0|Slot Talisman|16017310data|3|323B8C|4 bytes|99999999|0|Glory|161CFB8Cdata|3|1599D0|4 bytes|99999999|0|HQ Ingot|160059D0
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Jul 15, 2018
great contribution! This is a good help for a difficult game. I've tried it in v1.0 and it works perfect, unfortunately it's updated to v1.21 and it does not work anymore. Is there any possibility of porting it to that version?
thank you very much