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Welcome to Rival Gamer Official Rules for Call of Duty Series Section

1. Charging for lobbies is strictly prohibited [Unless you meet the 50 posts requirement]. This includes requesting 48 hour trials. This is considered a form of payment and will be treated equally as any other charging offense. This also includes Lobby Rentals. It isn't our fault you need to pay for XBLSE for your lobby. Any discovered attempt by any member to extort money out of other members will be rewarded a permanent vacation from the site. This rule does not pertain to pinned topics.

2. When you hit the 50 Posts Mark PROOF MUST BE SHOWN VIDEO/IMAGES

3. Requesting that people register on another website, visit a link, subscribe to your Youtube, requiring members to contact you on Skype, or essentially requesting a member to do anything that requires them to leave the site will be met with an immediate infraction which will vary by case.

4. Asking for likes whether by thread post or within the game lobby is not allowed. It is, however, recommended that people vouch for legitimate lobby hosters and like their original post by virtue of completed service and not by request.

5. Do not mini-mod as this will cause you to earn a warning or an infraction. This includes responses such as "Wrong section", "You're not allowed to charge", "Reported", etc. Mini-modding pushes a thread that shouldn't be there in the first place back to the top of the thread listing. Just report the topic. Mini-modding responses will be deleted at once.

6. Requesting lobbies is not allowed. Threads pertaining to this will be deleted along with possible further punishment.

7. Recoveries are at your own RISK. We are not liable for any account thefts.

8. Hosting a modded lobby with a leaked mod menu is not permitted.

Modded Lobbies Disclaimer

Any paid service located in this section is considered an advertisement. Rival Gamer does not endorse nor verify these lobbies. Please be certain to verify the legitimacy of these services prior to purchasing. If a hoster is running a fraudulent service, please message a member of staff in and we will investigate. Rival Gamer is not legally responsible for any services rendered and any consequences that may come as a result.

Forbidden Content

1. No Posting of any kind of warez

2. No Advertising in any kind of way, shape or form

3. Offering or Requesting of license transferring is prohibited, We are NOT responsible for any acount thefts

**Note** If an individual is found breaking any of the rules above, They may receive an Infraction notice, Suspension or Ban:readangry:

Call of Duty Series Section

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Any problems, Questions or Concerns PM one of us.

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