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Oct 4, 2015

Welcome RG Babies!

Help & Inquiries Section

1. This section is only for " Help & Inquiries ".

2. Do not request / share CID's (Console ID's) as they are prohibited on Rival Gamer.

3. Do not request / share source codes, Cracked Tools or menu, Decomplied content etc.

4. No links thart lead to other forums.

5. If asking for help, Do not spam give it time for somone to respond to your thread.

6. Anything that falls out of " Help & Inquiries " will be removed.

7. No selling services or contents.

8. No Advertising.

9. Respect everyones thread.

10. Zero tolerence for flamming, bashing or negative comments towards anyones thread.

**Note** If an individual is found breaking any of the rules above, They may receive an Infraction notice, Suspension or Ban:readangry:

Thank you for reading the rules.

[Help & Inquiries]

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