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Oct 4, 2015

Welcome Rival Gamer Babies!

Official Rules - Playstation Hacks & Mods Section

English posting Only.
[All non English posts will be deleted. Continuously breaking rule will result in suspension or ban:readangry:

Do not use inappropriate languages.

Only PS content in this section.

Do not post any kind of spamming content.

Do not post any kind of content where you were not permitted to do so. if caught posting other peoples work without permission, The Staff team will handle the situation accordingly. If someone has posted any kind of work that you did, Please report it, Do not start a fight with that individual.
**NOTE** Fighting in a thread is considered " Derailing ".

Zero Tolerance for bashing, Degrading, Flaming peoples posts.

Do not Sell, Buy or Trade in the PS section. We have a section called " Market Place " for that.
[For Example - No Selling, Buying or Trading CID's]

Do not disrespect any member in the Rival Gamer Community.

Forbidden Content

No posting DLC content.

No posting of any kind of warez.

No advertising in any way, shape or form.

Offering or Requestion of license transferring is prohibited, Rival Gamer is not responsible for any account thefts.

No posting links or promoting of websites

If anyone is found breaking any rules above, They may receive an infraction notice, suspension or ban :readangry:

Thank you for taking the time in reading " Playstation Hacks & Mods "

Thanks to all Rival Gamer Staff Team for the Support

[Playstation Hacks & Mods Section]

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