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Oct 4, 2015

Welcome Rival Gamer Babies!

Programming & Web Development Section

1. Use this section only for " Programming & Web Development ".

2. Do not request for any (cheats, Modes etc) we have a request section for that.

4. No kind of copyright materials.

5. Anything that falls out of Programming & Web Development will be removed.

6. Respect everyones threads for Programming & Web Development.

7. Zero tolerence for flamming, bashing or negative comments towards anyones thread.

8. No materials that has to do with DDOS'ing, Programs to crack applications, Hack Accounts etc, Anything like this will be removed and individual will receive infraction.

**Note** If an individual is found breaking any of the rules above, They may receive an Infraction notice, Suspension or Ban:readangry:

Thank you for reading the rules.

[Programming & Web Development]

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