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Oct 4, 2015

Welcome to Rival Gamer Babies!

Please take the time and reading the rules, Thank you.

Rival Gamer Tutorial Section

1. Use the RG Tutorial Section " Only " for Tutorials.

2. Do not request any Content (cheats, Mods etc) in the " RG Tutorial Section ".

3. RG Tutorial section can only contain Media videos, Pictures, Steps, Intructions or programs that members might need to complete tutorial.

4. All exe. files must have " Virus Total " or some kinda virus scan. No exceptions.

5. Anything that falls out of tutorial will be removed.

6. Respect everyones tutorials.

7. Zero tolerence for flaming, bashing or negative comments towards anyones thread.

**Note** If an individual is found breaking any of the rules above, They may receive an Infraction notice, Suspension or Ban:readangry:

Thank you for reading the rules.

[RG Tutorial Section]

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