Playground with FTP Server + Debug Settings [ TUTORIAL ]


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Feb 23, 2016

What more could you want?
The PS4 Scene progresses slowly, but steadily brings some good news.
Yet we couldn't pass that wall 1.76 Firmware.
However, what you can on that Firmware is very exciting for the avid Modder!
So if you have a Playstation 4 with Firmware to version 1.76, you do have to know and follow this guide!

Logic Portal Sunrise appeared a Post, where it was shown this PS4 Playground.
The Developer fx0day has created a page, with experimental features and using the WebKit exploits.
This page, if the PS4 will allow us to perform various functions veeery interesting!

We have the ability to enable the DEBUG Menu, which we discussed in this Post, we can boot into LINUX, and we can use the FTP .

Let's Go :


  • A PS4 upright Firmware 1.76!!
  • Charles Proxy, application fee. You can download the trial version from the official site, click here.
  • Ps4 WebKit Playground (CLICK HERE. Can load the page from our Server. Click here for the source).


  • First, we must know that a PS4 who never signed in to PSN, cannot browse the Internet. For this Charles help us .
  • Therefore. By PS4 come on in the settings of the connection.
  • Set your connection, and use a Proxy, select ' use '.
  • Enter the Proxy address found on Charles (click on Help and then on Local IP Address), and insert the port 8888.


  • Now. By PS4 select ' user guide '.
  • Let's go back to Charles and look for the entry document index.html under Directory/en/ps4
  • We make a right mouse Click on index.html voice and now select the option ' Map Remote '.
  • Can we inherit the items appended to the PS4 Playground page.


  • In the Browser of the PS4 should go to load the page PS4 Playground, which would this address:
  • We can finally start LINUX, execute code, and of course enable the FTP Server and the DEBUG Menu .

To boot LINUX, we would need 2 files.
Then take a USB drive in FAT32 format and insert the File ' Initramfs.cpio.gz ', the initial File System (find it HERE) and ' bzImage ', the Linux Kernel that will be loaded (find it here)
Finally click on Load in the LINUX LOADER.

To run the code, you will need to click on GO and wait for the entry ' Waiting for the Payload.
Now you will need to transfer the binary to PS4. We can do so via the WiFi Loader Tool that can be found HERE.

Abilitare il Server FTP ed il Menu DEBUG è più semplice che mai.
Una volta cliccato su Launch FTP, potrete connettervi via FTP alla PS4 utilizzando come Porta '1337' e l' IP della Console.​
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