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Tool Prototype RTM Cheat Tool

Discussion in 'PlayStation 3 Notable Games' started by I Like Women, Jun 22, 2015.

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    I Like Women, Jun 22, 2015
    | Last edited: Jun 23, 2015

    Prototype RTM Tool by I.L.W | REGION Compatibility: BLUS30145
    * Compatible for CEX & DEX *
    - : Cheats Features : -
    * God Mode
    * Infinite EP
    * Infinite Ammo
    *Black & White Mode(Visions)
    *Walk On Air
    *Infinite Air Dash & Rapid Jump Kicks
    - : Instructions : -
    - Download the tools, pick which API you want to select, then click Connect first, and then Attach.(You are done).
    - : Credits: -

    * Credit to whoever that found the offsets addresses *
    * Me for creating the RTM tools =) *
    Yes, this is my first time making a RTM tool

    -: Download Section :-

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    Mega Upload​

    Hidden Content:
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    -: Pictures :-


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    Awesome Release!! I Like Woman i hope see to more from you bro (y)
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  4. I Like Women Conquer of Women

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    Same goes for you, my niqqa. :whaat:
  5. y8rz3l56ye2n8q Prime Member


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    I've updated the codes for the game since. I still intend to go back to the game some time to just make a button toggle for walking on air and find specific pointer routes to a certain few things I need to protect in some missions since they were kind of annoying, like the certain hive and special hive busting tank, some wall for a dude, and whatever else I've forgotten along with hunting down the mission timers.
  6. I Like Women Conquer of Women

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    Interesting, whenever you are willing to share or help. I'd be glad to update it with new codes or so.
  7. y8rz3l56ye2n8q Prime Member


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    Whenever dnawrkshp releases the updated codelist in the next version of NetCheat they'll be there.
  8. I Like Women Conquer of Women

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    Prototype isn't much of a big attention, I don't think the creator will update each and every game including the netcheat. Probably just the netcheat itself and noting else. So why wait when we can find them on our own ?
  9. y8rz3l56ye2n8q Prime Member


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    dnawrkshp is working on an update for NetCheat and Artemis to slightly change the formatting of codes to include credits for individual codes. I saved him the trouble of doing it himself since I've updated the codelist for it and PS3EMPM and CodeUnique multiple times, even though for about 500 games I'm not 100% certain I correctly credited each code. I uploaded the list for him yesterday. Whenever he gets around to updating it, they'll be there.

    I'm bungholio from the codemasters-project forums also, which is where over half of all available PS3 codes are located. You could find the codes there too, saves time waiting for the update.
  10. I Like Women Conquer of Women

    I Like Women

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    I'm only around to be better at making tools, or how to even create a mod menu in PS3 area. . and I never heard of codemasters-project forums but okay. Nice to know you do stuff too.
  11. y8rz3l56ye2n8q Prime Member


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    Here's my big mess of crap to save you from needing to register to access them if you need them. I'm not certain of how long CMP has been around, I've been there since 2006. There's also the games24 blog for various Japan games. Codes are scattered everywhere online.

    Get A Military Or Police Unit's Attention To Acquire All Upgrades & 999,999,999 EP Points, And They'll Ignore You
    002F5434 F86100C0
    002F5438 F8810120
    002F543C 3C80300D
    002F5440 3C600F0F
    002F5444 60630F0F
    002F5448 906483C0
    002F544C 906483C4
    002F5450 E86483C0
    002F5454 F86483C8
    002F5458 F86483D0
    002F545C F86483D8
    002F5460 F86483E0
    002F5464 F86483E8
    002F5468 F86483F0
    002F546C F86483F8
    002F5470 F8648400
    002F5474 F8648408
    002F5478 F8648410
    002F547C F8648418
    002F5480 F8648420
    002F5484 F8648428
    002F5488 F8648430
    002F548C F8648438
    002F5490 90648440
    002F5494 3C80300B
    002F5498 3C603B9A
    002F549C 6063C9FF
    002F54A0 90646A30
    002F54A4 E86100C0
    002F54A8 E8810120
    002F54AC 38210110
    002F54B0 4E800020
    SET OGP=7C0802A6FB0100C0F8010120800400047C982378FB6100D82B800039DBC10100FB8100E0FBC100F0FBE100F8DBE101087C9C2378FB2100C8FB4100D0FBA100E883C284447C7B1B787C7F1B78419D0108817E995C780917887C09582E7C0007B47C005A147C0903A64E800420000000E8000000E800000130000000E8000000E8
    SET COP=F86100C0F88101203C80300D3C600F0F60630F0F906483C0906483C4E86483C0F86483C8F86483D0F86483D8F86483E0F86483E8F86483F0F86483F8F8648400F8648408F8648410F8648418F8648420F8648428F8648430F8648438906484403C80300B3C603B9A6063C9FF90646A30E86100C0E8810120382101104E800020
    I made it this way because anything that involves EP or powers in the game code is used by many other things causing many bad side effects. This is for eboot modding. The below ones are individual ones for CodeUnique/NetCheat/Whatever may come in the future. I know EP seems pointless with this, it's just there for those of you obsessed with trophies.

    Acquire Powers
    These are all memory locations that I've never seen change throughout the game. I tried the empty spaces in memory between these and none of them made any hidden/unused upgrades appear so don't get your hopes up for that. I put CodeUnique format and then NetCheat format below it.
    Musclemass Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C0 0000000F
    0 300C83C0 0F
    Claws Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C1 0000000F
    0 300C83C1 0F
    Shield Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C4 0000000F
    0 300C83C4 0F
    Blade Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C5 0000000F
    0 300C83C5 0F
    Whipfist Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C6 0000000F
    0 300C83C6 0F
    Hammerfist Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C7 0000000F
    0 300C83C7 0F
    Infected Vision Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C8 0000000F
    0 300C83C8 0F
    Thermal Vision Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83C9 0000000F
    0 300C83C9 0F
    Armor Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83CB 0000000F
    0 300C83CB 0F
    Health Boost 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83CC 0000000F
    0 300C83CC 0F
    Disguise Power Acquired
    00000000 300C83CF 0000000F
    0 300C83CF 0F
    Critical Mass Boost 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D0 0000000F
    0 300C83D0 0F
    Critical Mass Ability Acquired
    00000000 300C83D1 0000000F
    0 300C83D1 0F
    Health Boost Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83D2 0000000F
    0 300C83D2 0F
    Health Boost 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D3 0000000F
    0 300C83D3 0F
    Jump Upgrade 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D4 0000000F
    0 300C83D4 0F
    Jump Upgrade 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D5 0000000F
    0 300C83D5 0F
    Adrenaline Surge Acquired
    00000000 300C83D6 0000000F
    0 300C83D6 0F
    Critical Mass Boost Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83D7 0000000F
    0 300C83D7 0F
    Sprint Speed 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D8 0000000F
    0 300C83D8 0F
    Sprint Speed 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83D9 0000000F
    0 300C83D9 0F
    Jump Upgrade Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83DA 0000000F
    0 300C83DA 0F
    Jump Upgrade 3 Acquired
    00000000 300C83DB 0000000F
    0 300C83DB 0F
    Consume Boost 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83DC 0000000F
    0 300C83DC 0F
    Stealth Consume Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C83DD 0000000F
    0 300C83DD 0F
    Stealth Consume Acquired
    00000000 300C83DE 0000000F
    0 300C83DE 0F
    Sprint Speed Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83DF 0000000F
    0 300C83DF 0F
    Regen Delay 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83E0 0000000F
    0 300C83E0 0F
    Regen Rate Boost Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83E1 0000000F
    0 300C83E1 0F
    Regen Rate Boost 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83E2 0000000F
    0 300C83E2 0F
    Consume Boost Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83E3 0000000F
    0 300C83E3 0F
    Diveroll Acquired
    00000000 300C83E5 0000000F
    0 300C83E5 0F
    Wall Jump Latch Acquired
    00000000 300C83E6 0000000F
    0 300C83E6 0F
    Regen Delay Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83E7 0000000F
    0 300C83E7 0F
    Armored Vehicle 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83E8 0000000F
    0 300C83E8 0F
    Skyjack Helicopter Acquired
    00000000 300C83E9 0000000F
    0 300C83E9 0F
    Hijack Armored Vehicle Acquired
    00000000 300C83EA 0000000F
    0 300C83EA 0F
    Helicopter 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83EC 0000000F
    0 300C83EC 0F
    Helicopter 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83ED 0000000F
    0 300C83ED 0F
    Armored Vehicle Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83EE 0000000F
    0 300C83EE 0F
    Armored Vehicle 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83EF 0000000F
    0 300C83EF 0F
    Artillery Strike Upgrade 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F0 0000000F
    0 300C83F0 0F
    Artillery Strike Upgrade 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F1 0000000F
    0 300C83F1 0F
    Artillery Strike Acquired
    00000000 300C83F2 0000000F
    0 300C83F2 0F
    Helicopter Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83F3 0000000F
    0 300C83F3 0F
    Missile Launcher 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F4 0000000F
    0 300C83F4 0F
    Artillery Strike Upgrade Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83F5 0000000F
    0 300C83F5 0F
    Artillery Strike Upgrade 4 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F6 0000000F
    0 300C83F6 0F
    Artillery Strike Upgrade 3 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F7 0000000F
    0 300C83F7 0F
    Grenade Launcher 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F8 0000000F
    0 300C83F8 0F
    Grenade Launcher 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83F9 0000000F
    0 300C83F9 0F
    Missile Launcher Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83FA 0000000F
    0 300C83FA 0F
    Missile Launcher 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83FB 0000000F
    0 300C83FB 0F
    Machine Gun Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83FC 0000000F
    0 300C83FC 0F
    Machine Gun 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C83FD 0000000F
    0 300C83FD 0F
    Machine Gun 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C83FE 0000000F
    0 300C83FE 0F
    Grenade Launcher Max Acquired
    00000000 300C83FF 0000000F
    0 300C83FF 0F
    Assault Rifle Max Acquired
    00000000 300C8401 0000000F
    0 300C8401 0F
    Assault Rifle 2 Acquired
    00000000 300C8402 0000000F
    0 300C8402 0F
    Assault Rifle 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C8403 0000000F
    0 300C8403 0F
    Groundspike Graveyard Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C8404 0000000F
    0 300C8404 0F
    Groundshatter Drop Acquired
    00000000 300C8405 0000000F
    0 300C8405 0F
    Groundshatter Acquired
    00000000 300C8406 0000000F
    0 300C8406 0F
    Tendril Barrage Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C8408 0000000F
    0 300C8408 0F
    Air Knuckle Shockwave Acquired
    00000000 300C8409 0000000F
    0 300C8409 0F
    Knuckle Shockwave Acquired
    00000000 300C840A 0000000F
    0 300C840A 0F
    Air Groundspike Graveyard Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C840B 0000000F
    0 300C840B 0F
    Critical Pain Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C840C 0000000F
    0 300C840C 0F
    Cannonball Acquired
    00000000 300C840D 0000000F
    0 300C840D 0F
    Palm Slam Acquired
    00000000 300C840E 0000000F
    0 300C840E 0F
    Air Tendril Barrage Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C840F 0000000F
    0 300C840F 0F
    Flying Kick Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C8410 0000000F
    0 300C8410 0F
    Air Stomp Acquired
    00000000 300C8411 0000000F
    0 300C8411 0F
    Flying Elbow Drop Acquired
    00000000 300C8412 0000000F
    0 300C8412 0F
    Air Critical Pain Devastator Acquired
    00000000 300C8413 0000000F
    0 300C8413 0F
    Snapkick Launcher Acquired
    00000000 300C8414 0000000F
    0 300C8414 0F
    Uppercut Launcher Acquired
    00000000 300C8415 0000000F
    0 300C8415 0F
    Flipkick Launcher Acquired
    00000000 300C8416 0000000F
    0 300C8416 0F
    Airdash Acquired
    00000000 300C8418 0000000F
    0 300C8418 0F
    Powerbomb Acquired
    00000000 300C8419 0000000F
    0 300C8419 0F
    Spike Driver Acquired
    00000000 300C841A 0000000F
    0 300C841A 0F
    Air Combo Acquired
    00000000 300C841B 0000000F
    0 300C841B 0F
    Air Recovery Acquired
    00000000 300C841C 0000000F
    0 300C841C 0F
    Airdash Double Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C841D 0000000F
    0 300C841D 0F
    Airdash Double Acquired
    00000000 300C841E 0000000F
    0 300C841E 0F
    Airdash Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C841F 0000000F
    0 300C841F 0F
    Sprinting Throw Acquired
    00000000 300C8420 0000000F
    0 300C8420 0F
    Sprinting Grab Acquired
    00000000 300C8421 0000000F
    0 300C8421 0F
    Bulletdive Drop Acquired
    00000000 300C8422 0000000F
    0 300C8422 0F
    Glide Acquired
    00000000 300C8423 0000000F
    0 300C8423 0F
    Body Surf Acquired
    00000000 300C8424 0000000F
    0 300C8424 0F
    Grapple Slam Acquired
    00000000 300C8425 0000000F
    0 300C8425 0F
    Long Range Throw Acquired
    00000000 300C8426 0000000F
    0 300C8426 0F
    Charged Throw Acquired
    00000000 300C8427 0000000F
    0 300C8427 0F
    Curb Stomp Acquired
    00000000 300C842A 0000000F
    0 300C842A 0F
    Groundspike Upgrade Max Acquired
    00000000 300C842C 0000000F
    0 300C842C 0F
    Groundspike Upgrade 1 Acquired
    00000000 300C842D 0000000F
    0 300C842D 0F
    Groundspike Acquired
    00000000 300C842E 0000000F
    0 300C842E 0F
    Dashing Slice Acquired
    00000000 300C842F 0000000F
    0 300C842F 0F
    Blade Frenzy Acquired
    00000000 300C8430 0000000F
    0 300C8430 0F
    Blade Sprint Frenzy Acquired
    00000000 300C8431 0000000F
    0 300C8431 0F
    Hunter Dirtnap Acquired
    00000000 300C8434 0000000F
    0 300C8434 0F
    Musclemass Throw Acquired
    00000000 300C8435 0000000F
    0 300C8435 0F
    Musclemass Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C8436 0000000F
    0 300C8436 0F
    Blade Air Slice Acquired
    00000000 300C8437 0000000F
    0 300C8437 0F
    Street Sweeper Acquired
    00000000 300C8438 0000000F
    0 300C8438 0F
    Hammerfist Elbow Slam Acquired
    00000000 300C8439 0000000F
    0 300C8439 0F
    Hammertoss Acquired
    00000000 300C843A 0000000F
    0 300C843A 0F
    Hammerfist Smackdown Acquired
    00000000 300C843B 0000000F
    0 300C843B 0F
    Patsy Range Boost Acquired
    00000000 300C843C 0000000F
    0 300C843C 0F
    Patsy Acquired
    00000000 300C843D 0000000F
    0 300C843D 0F
    Longshot Grab Acquired
    00000000 300C843F 0000000F
    0 300C843F 0F
    Breakdown Smash Acquired
    00000000 300C8443 0000000F
    0 300C8443 0F

    Ammo Never Decreases
    0 0042B978 60000000
    SET OGP=409E0010813F001C3929FFFF913F001C
    SET COP=409E0010813F001C3929FFFF60000000
    I tried all guns except grenade launchers, and this worked on all tank and helicopter rounds. Works fine.

    Helicopters & Tanks Don't Overheat
    0 0042B9CC 60000000
    SET OGP=EBC100C0D01F005C
    SET COP=EBC100C060000000

    Artillery Strikes Never Decrease
    0 00305C04 80030378
    SET OGP=813E838480030364
    SET COP=813E838480030378

    These are both worthless. I just took a moment to see if I could fool the game into always letting me into bases and things without the proper disguises and keys. I didn't try hard, it's easy getting into them. These alone do not work, they don't affect your disguise which is also needed.
    Always Have Key To Base
    00CD2F5C 981C0004 38000001
    Checks If I Have The Key
    00CCEB6C 888A0004 38800001

    EDIT: 9-25-13

    Infinite Air Dashes, Rapid Jump Kicks
    0 004D07B4 38600001
    SET OGP=386000005463063E4BFFFF707D005278
    SET COP=386000015463063E4BFFFF707D005278
    Very handy. You won't need to purchase the 2nd upgrade for 2 air dashes, just one makes it infinite. Combine with flying and you can move around town very fast.

    Walk On Air
    0 00B3BE10 4E800020
    SET OGP=4BFFFF84F821FD01
    SET COP=4BFFFF844E800020
    I would advise against using this. Your only method to lower yourself is jumping and kicking. Do not touch the ground, weird things happen.

    Military Always Ignores You
    0 00305430 4E800020
    SET OGP=4BFFFE8060000000F821FEF1
    SET COP=4BFFFE80600000004E800020
    Nothing I do gets the attention of the military. Killing them while others are watching, going on base and into the base without a disguise, nothing. I killed all of the people in the base and then absorbed a web of intrigue person the non stealth consume way and still got the stealth bonus.

    Unlimited Devastators While Health Is Low
    0 00292720 60000000
    SET OGP=C0030204D0030200
    SET COP=C003020460000000

    Health Never Decreases
    0 002923AC 60000000
    SET COP=7F64DB7860000000
    This is better than the "Health Never Reduces To 0, Infinite Devastators While Health Is Low" code because it doesn't require you to purchase an upgrade to make it work. That and I figured out how to separate the code.

    Everything Dies From Any Damage
    0 00BF7038 38000000
    SET OGP=FC006B2EED6B0028D01F000C
    SET COP=38000000ED6B0028901F000C
    This includes you too unless you turn on the infinite health code. Hives, takes, hunters, 1 hit and they die.

    Using Devastator Attacks Doesn't Decrease Health
    0 002927D4 60000000
    SET OGP=4896362D
    SET COP=60000000

    Health Never Reduces To 0, Infinite Devastators While Health Is Low
    0 0028DE80 3C000000
    0 0028DE88 901F0200
    0 0028DE8C 419E0084
    SET OGP=D1BF01FC4FDCF382419E008860000000
    SET COP=3C0000004FDCF382901F0200419E0084

    Tank & Helicopter Health Never Decrease (Player Only)
    0 0028F758 60000000
    SET OGP=FF806800D0030010
    SET COP=FF80680060000000

    Black & White Mode
    0 002925F4 60000000
    SET OGP=C1A3000CD1A40010
    SET COP=C1A3000C60000000

    Tanks, Soldiers In Tanks, & Soldiers Don't Attack
    0 002E7F70 60000000
    SET OGP=3800FFFFD3BB0000
    SET COP=3800FFFF60000000

    Enemy Tanks Don't Fire Cannons
    0 001F9078 60000000
    SET OGP=C0090004D1A100B4D00100B8D18100BC
    SET COP=C0090004D1A100B4D00100B860000000
    You no longer need to worry about them pushing you around everywhere. They can get very annoying even if you have the code on to never die. The above code makes this redundant.

    No Civilians, Moving Cars, Or Military(NOTE)
    0 0025F648 60000000
    SET OGP=D589045CD1A9000C
    SET COP=D589045C60000000
    To be more specific, if you aren't at a military base or infected building, there will be no civilians, infected civilians, moving vehicles, or military.
    At infected buildings, no civilians, infected civilians, nor normal moving civilian vehicles will be present. Only military and hunters.
    At military bases, this doesn't seem to affect them, just everything right outside of them. So there will be no civilians or moving civilian vehicles.

    Bullet Tracer Color Modifiers
    0 005999E8 60000000
    0 005999EC 380000?? (Red)
    0 00599A0C 60000000
    0 00599A10 392000?? (Green)
    0 00599A30 60000000
    0 00599A34 394000?? (Blue)
    SET OGP=EE0DFAFA409D0008380000FF
    SET COP=EE0DFAFA60000000380000??
    SET OGP=409D0008392000FFC00100FC
    SET COP=60000000392000??C00100FC
    SET OGP=409D0008394000FFC0010100
    SET COP=60000000394000??C0010100
    It's nothing important, just a pointless visual thing. It's very noticeable from the gunners in tanks, but for some reason the sizes are slightly different for the colors with them. If you go with a very red one, it looks like a giant red laser, but if you go all blue, it looks like a small blue laser. I don't know why, and I checked the next branch that does the same as these 3, and it doesn't seem to do anything noticeable.

    Easier Enemies
    0 002C8AC8 60000000
    0 002C8AD0 60000000
    0 002C8AD4 60000000
    SET OGP=D4090018C1840004D1A90008D189000481430000
    SET COP=60000000C1840004600000006000000081430000
    I'm not sure of how likely this is to make the game freeze, I need to test it a little. Specifically, hunters ran away from me, and all military units did not move from their locations so they were much easier to escape from.

    Starting Health Capacity Modifier
    0 002824DC 3C00????
    0 002824EC 901C0014
    SET OGP=EC00F82A809C01CC80BC01D0D3DC01B8D01C0014
    SET COP=3C00????809C01CC80BC01D0D3DC01B8901C0014

    These last 2 codes aren't mine, probably found by either CodeFreak or PS3UserCheat. The health code involves pointers.
    Infinite EP
    0 300B6A30 7FFFFFFF
    Infinite HP
    6 30372C04 00000EB4
    0 00000000 49000000
    6 30372C04 00000EAC
    0 00000000 49000000
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    Holy freaking molly cow, I'll check this out mate. You have skype or something? I definitely want to talk to you. :watchout:
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    For whatever reason I can't figure out how to do a PM on this site. Does this site have private mail?
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    You click my profile , "start conversation".
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    Holy shet, that will be brutal!
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    Good work man, keep it up and hope to see more out of this tool :)
  18. y8rz3l56ye2n8q Prime Member


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    Which version of Prototype is this for? 01.00?
  19. TRBX Newbie


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    HOLY SHIT, Prototype was a fun game before, NOW its getting even better. THANKS A LOT. You dont see people doing mods for games that arent played by so many poeple
  20. I Like Women Conquer of Women

    I Like Women

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    No problems, I might make more in old games that people don't mentions any more rather then doing the new games
  21. DOMO Newbie


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    I was looking for, thank
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