Release [PS4/GTA V] Lamance v0.8 Mod Menu


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Jul 10, 2015
Welcome to Lamance Mod Menu for GTAV! I find this to be a pretty awesome menu and it's very smooth.


How to install the menu:

1. Go to your 4.05 / 4.55 exploit page and run it.
2. Inject the .bin with your injector.
3. Exit the browser (NOT Circle!) with your psn aka. home button.
4. Launch GTA 5 (Make sure GTA was not already running or else this will not work!!).
5. Success! You can now open the menu with dpadright & square.

  • Failed to detect GTA 5 - Make sure you load the menu before opening GTA 5, or you are maybe using the JP version of GTA 5.​
  • No Notifys - Please restart your ps4 & try again.​
  • Console crash after loading the menu - This happens sometime on the 4.05 firmware, just restart the PS4.​
  • Freeze in the GTA 5 loading screen - This may happen if you're running a EU PS4. Here's the tutorial how to fix it (95%) made by my friend:​
  • Options with "Beta" - They can freeze, but not very often. Just restart the PS4.​
  • david1337hax - developing the menu​
  • vicodin10 - some help & a lot of testing​
  • j0n4s_sincemodz - testing the menu on 4.55​
  • RSPxAndrew2007x - testing the menu on 4.55​
  • ignacio1420 - testing the menu on 4.05​
  • john1337hax - dank name​
  • 2much4ux - native caller, some help & debug settings for 4.55​
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