PS3 Resident Evil 5 PS3 - Gold Edition Character Modifier PKG


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Oct 11, 2017

Works Only in the Main game
Step One: At the "Organize" screen after you have organized your items before "Ready" for the game press "L3" One time! Step two : still on screen double press the corresponding button of each character i created

L2 = Jill BSAA
L2 +R2 = Jill Battle Suit
Select = Wesker Midnight
Select + Start = Wesker Stars
L1 = Josh
R1 = Excella
Triangle = Barry
Square = Rebecca

Note: if you want to turn off th e code just press "L3" on the organize screen again since it turns the code on and off so you have to be aware of how many times you hit the button each time you hit it it will turn on or turn off Version 01.01 BLUS30491 Tested Only CFW! Download :
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