RG Legend's Coding Seminar!

Would you site through a Seminar with the RG Legends?

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Happy Modding
RG Admin
Feb 23, 2015

Hey there my RG Lovelies!

Myself and some of the other RivalGamer Legends are going to start up a Seminar of sorts to help anybody with coding tools, sprx, or anything in general! We will be utlizing our growing Discord Channel, which can be joined via THIS LINK.

Primarily everything will be covered on Discord and we will have people assigned to certain time zones and dates (which are yet to be determined) and in some cases we will get a Twitch Stream up for it! I am mainly trying to gather interest for this concept right now. I want this to be as open as possible, and I want it to be easy for anyone interested in coding to be able to learn something! It doesn't even have to be modding related!

Don't forget to drop your vote on the poll!

Thanks to Ludacris Legacy for suggesting this ;)