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May 27, 2015
Hello Modder/Programmer
as you may notice that there's huge of changes made last week on RG .
following this last updates I would like to clear the rules for Console Modding & Hacking Sections

<> Rules <>

< 1 > When you post offsets/tools/tutorials related, you must be the owner of the content!

< 2 > Following rule No.1 if you post content that doesn't belong to you. You must have permission from the owner/creator to post that content. It is to also important to post credit , and informations of what the credit is for.

< 3 > Posting other people's content or duplicated posts are not allowed, look up the section before posting.

< 4 > If you post tools/programs/etc, they must include virus scan "for things like (exe, dll, etc)" if virus scan are not included with a links. Then it will be removed and your thread will be closed until you provide a virus scan, and send them to any staff here. Therefore your thread will be unlocked.

< 5 > Following the rule No.4 virus scan are not needed only if the content you post isn't executable or it's a open source solution or source code.

< 6 > Following the rule No.5 when you post source/project/etc, you must follow rule No.2

extra information :
all this rules are subject to chane in any time, you have to read them from time to time to make sure you follow them correctly.

these rules also apply to all subsections in this section!

Thank you for reading!
Not open for further replies.