PS3 Spike's Black ops 2 RTM tool. (Developers needed)


Aug 21, 2016
Hey Guys, i have made a RTM for black ops 2 the screen will be below.
But i need a bit of help, don't know if i'm over tired, over thinking things of just plane exhausted, from my jobs and family life.
My problem is i have a few errors on the build. only about 9 error's not bad i got it down from 96.
i will be releasing this tool as a FREE tool, no catch, when its completed that is.
If anybody with C+ knowledge could take a look for me that would be great as i wont have time in the next few days to finish it off.
Credits will be added in the credits section of the tool, either by me or you're self.
but here is pictures of the tool,
Any Feedback would be great as spent a lot of time on this.
i was going to use it as a personal tool but seen as i'm here now i thought id make it a RivalGamer Special RTM tool.

Now there are a lot more pictures but too many to post.

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Feb 23, 2015
cool its just a bit of code i'm prob's missing, just been to tired especially with all my other projects. ill get an upload of the source and pm you it. thanks dude.
Shoot me a PM and we can get to work :)