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PS3 SPRX web request (libhttp)

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by xelahot, Mar 10, 2019.

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    I know PS3 is getting hella old but there’s something I always wanted to make work on my SPRX projects so I could show a completed project for a future internship. The part that is missing to complete that is an authentification mechanism.

    I’ve got my server/database side coded and running well already and I got good encryption and protection methods on the client side. What i’m trying to do is to code a header file that will be able to send a request to a url and get a response back. That requires some of the SDK’s libraries. I understand the proccess that leads to a transaction and response since I read the documentation but I always got issues when building the project. It compiles well bu at the linking it fails.

    To make sure I had no errors related to my mod menu and stuff I created an clean project with no encryption or mod menu at all and that builds a working sprx. From that project, I tried using shared code from *** about Socket requests, HTTP stuff, ... That never worked as well. So what I did was using a SDK sample project that handles libhttp. But again, linking errors. I beleive I’m doing something wrong when linking additionnal dependencies or including headers to my project because either ways I get errors. Maybe my SDK isnt well installed? But that doesnt make sense since I can build my SPRX when im not trying to use network libraries. That SDK copy I have is installed in C:/usr/..../cell/..... and all the files im trying to link/include are there. Maybe someone could explain me the way to use an external library in my project.

    The errors I get happen when I call whatever method that comes from a library:
    L0064: Linking aborted
    L0303: Error generating PRX (prx-fixup failed)
    Or sometimes I get errors about variables types like:
    _errno is a TLS variable. PRX does not support that.
    That’s related to a network library as well.

    I tried using this source code as well, but I get the same kind of errors.

    This source code header gave me the same errors too.

    I hope someone can help me or dig into an old project to help me get that http request to work.

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