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Feb 23, 2015
Hey there everybody :D So, I am a pretty simple person I think. I started modding back in 2013 roughly and my first game was Halo PC actually. It was a terrible attempt lmfao I had a C# form with an ass load of buttons and each button opened a VBS script file that wrote the memory. It was ugly but it worked lmfao.

My second tool was a tad more sophisticated and was actually for Metal Gear Solid 4, it was my first PS3 tool :heart: it was.....rough lmao I had help from someone who at the time was pretty decent, but ended up Ratting me and trying to steal all my source codes. That was my first introduction to the less than glamorous side of modding. But I moved on and updated my MGS4 tool, kept building, researching and learning. Met a lot of great people and made it to a prominent staff position on a forum which pre-dates RivalGamer.

Over the years I have done a lot of cool programs and released damn near all of them for free. Even the ones that were meant for purchase have become re-released freely (by well as skids who crack my stuff and release it "free" that way). I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+ tools that have all been hand coded. each tool I have made, I (as well as those that I work with ;) You all know who you are you smexy bastards) found the offsets myself/ourselves and tested each tool. One thing that always drove me nuts about some of the "modders" on a certain forum. They would just hunt offsets from the internet, make a tool and release it without ever even playing the game! I vowed to never do that :p SO each tool I have made, I guarantee that I have played that game.

That kinda leads me to the next part of my history. I think I got a lot of my popularity from a post I made where I would take requests for game tools. People requested a tool for a game and I would do my best to make it. I never got through all of them for one reason or another. Either I didn't have the skills for it, the time/energy, or simply couldn't acquire the game. It's a regret of mine that I hope to go back to someday...

Fast forward some time and a nasty falling out which spawned GamerZone. A forum by modders, for modders. And we had some of the biggest names in the scene back then :p GamerZone had it's troubles and we definitely had our set backs but we powered through and after some clever re-branding we became RivalGamer. This community has been home to me for quite some time now and I love each and every one of you.

I strive to make sure I don't become so full of myself that I forget where I came from. I still do my best to help out everyone that I can, and I can't always help everyone but I never forget about you :) If you need help with anything please just ask!

As always, Happy Modding ;)


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Feb 21, 2015
I'm a lazy ass person and there's no tl;dr so I aint going to read all that shit X'D

But gj on making the effort to introduce yourself again ;)
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Jun 11, 2015
I don't have anything to tell honestly besides my English sucks. If you like to write me an essay I would pay you but it's going to be bullshit. :tongue1:
Your english is fine and I'm pretty sure it's gotten a lot better from what I remember. You don't even need to write an essay or a paragraph, just write a bio about yourself or what you have in mind to share and express.