Exclusive [Steam] How I got from level 12 to 56 in less than a week


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May 14, 2015
Hello Guys!

Today i'm going to explain you how i got tons of levels , in less than a week.

I will show you 2 different methods, one involving investment, and one involving patience. I used both these methods, but you can use the one you prefer.

What you will need:

- Internet Connection
- Steam Client

METHOD 1(Patience. Investment is optional)

You will need to get games that have trading cards. You can buy them cheap at sites like G2A, Kinguin, Humble Bundle, etc..
Or you can get some free at DLH.net, OrlyGift.com, and on giveaways posted on the following group: RexCurse

After you have some games, you can download and run Idle Master.
You can read what this program does, in their site.

This will start giving you some Trading Cards for the games you own.
Once you have couple of Trading Cards, you need to register at SteamLvlUp.
You go to Deposit, and deposit all the cards you have.
Then go to Inventory, and sell them all.
You will be given some gems. And with them, you can buy Card Sets. (Yes, more cards).
Now go to SHOP, and sort the packs from cheap to expensive.
And with the gems, buy all cheap packs (Max 5 packs per game).
Once done, go to inventory, Select All, and withdraw them.
Once the trade is successful and you have them all on your steam account, go to: Badges
And you will see a blue "READY" button on the right of couple of games.
Click it, and craft badges.
Done, you will get your rewards instantly.

METHOD 2(Investment Required)

This method depends on how much you are willing to invest. In my case, I invested $25.
We have to go to GameFlip, and create an account.
If GameFlip asks you for an Invite Code, you can add the code CQJG7V. It will help me, and it will give you $1.
Why GameFlip? Because they sell CSGO Keys cheaper than the Steam Market.
Once we have a GameFlip account, we deposit the amount we desire. As i said before, in my case $25.
Then, we must go to CASE KEY, where we will find all the case keys at lower price.
Buy any key you want. In my case, im able to buy 10 Keys (At the time im purchasing, keys are 15% off, which means they cost $2.48 each. Screenshots were taken 1 day after i made this method, so the discount may have expired).
Once purchased, and withdrawn the keys, you must add TRADEBOT on Steam.
This is the best Bot i found on Steam. Since it gives you 10 Card Sets for just 1 key.
All you have to do is send him a message saying: !buy [Amount of keys you have] , and it will send you a trade, with 10 Card Sets per key. In my case, 100 Card Sets, since i have 10 keys.
Once the trade is complete, you have to go to BADGES
And you will see a blue "READY" button on the right of couple of games.
Click it, and craft badges.
Done, you will get your rewards instantly.

The rewards given to you once a badge is crafted are:

- XP
- Badge
- BackGround
- Game Discounts
- Emoticon

Also, BackGrounds and the Emoticons can be sold for a few cents(or dollars depending on the background), or can be converted into Gems, which later can be converted into more trading cards, and can be exchanged on SteamLvlUp, and repeat the method (Method 1).

What are the rewards from leveling up on Steam:

- +5 Friend Slots per level
- +1 Profile Showcase per 10 levels
- Increased Drop Rate of Boosters Packs per 10 levels
- At level 8 you are able to earn Trading Cards on Steam Sales Events, without purchasing games

Hope you guys enjoy this little guide.

If you want to send me a message or trade with me, add me on Steam.

PS: English is not my native language. If an image or link isn't working, tell me so i can update it.