PS3 Tips and tricks when using the PS3Lib (C#)


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Feb 23, 2015
Hey there everybody! I haven't released anything in a while :X so I figured I'd break my silence with a nice tutorial on a general step by step guide into making your own RTM tool!

It's actually fairly simple, I'm just going to run through the basics, there are of course more advanced functions and methods but I wont be getting into those just yet.

Here is a list of what you will need!

  1. Programming software (Visual Studio recommended)
  2. PS3Lib.dll (provided here)
  3. Jailbroken PS3 with either CCAPI or DEX capabilities (or both)
  4. Game to mod (We will be using Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain)
  5. Time
  6. Patience
  7. Cookies (Chocolate Chip)
  8. Milk (Also Chocolate) *Very important

So, first things first, we need to start up a new project in Visual Studio (ensure you are using Windows Form with C# language)

It will look something like that

Once you see the main screen, you'll see a box labeled Form1, this is the general shape of your tool! You can slide and adjust the height and width according to what you want. We'll be sticking with some simplistic fashions for this.

Right click and select View Code.
From there, look for the tab labeled Solution Explorer, and find the tab on there that says "Reference"

We will now add the PS3Lib.dll to our project. Right click References and select "Add Reference" then browse for the PS3Lib.dll.

Next, to actually use this we will need to add it to the main form, like this

Ok, now we get into the fun stuff!!

We will be making a single button, so go back to the Form1 Design (right click if you are looking at code and click View Design)

Go to your Toolbox (also a tab, like Solution Explorer) and find the button. shape it, mold it however you see fit, and when it's done you'll have something that looks like this;

Double click that and it'll take you back to the code, here we will start planting some code to Connect to the console!
So, quick note before we get started; Bools are wonderful, they are toggle variables that can be used in a multitude of different fashions!

it's a little advanced, but we will use a bool with our connection function.

Now lets get to setting up a button for our first tool!

Create another button, the same way we did before. Place it anywhere you'd like!
We are going to be using bools to toggle the function, keeps everything tied to a single button. Plus bools are fun :p

Either tap F5 or click the Start key (green triangle near the top) to test out your work! Go get some offsets and make some content!!

Those are the basics!!! There are LOADS of different things you can do, try playing around with them!! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Just to note, I won't be uploading the source or pasting the code here because I really want you all to get a feel for typing it all out yourselves, also there are context hints and such that lead to other functions. So much to learn!

Happy Modding everybody!

Download for PS3Lib.dll Here

No Virus scan needed because it's not an executable :p
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Happy Modding
RG Admin
Feb 23, 2015
Nice tutorial
how to chose where to connect CCAPI or TMAPI ?
Not sure I understand the question. You can choose any button, chckbox etc. to use for your connection command.

Or are you talking about choosing between CCAPI or TMAPI?