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Jun 1, 2016
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Hello, RG Members,

This is going to be a small tutorial on how to update Offsets with IDA PRO

This is useful if you want to update some Offsets for your tool and so on... In this tutorial I will be basing it on GTA V and updating an Offset from 1.24 to 1.25.

I will be updating the "No Cops" Offset from 1.24 to 1.25

Step 1: Open IDA PRO and load your Eboot.Elf

[HIDE]This is the Eboot.Elf from 1.24 GTA V


Step 2: Now click the letter "G" on your keyboard and a pop up will appear "Jump to address"

[HIDE]29u35pP.png [/HIDE]

Step 3: Enter the Offset you are wanting to update

[HIDE]sJgvUE6.png [/HIDE]

Step 4: Click "OK" and you will notice it will jump to the Offset

[HIDE]rEwDjii.png [/HIDE]

Step 5: Go into Hex View and copy some of the bytes... I've placed a "Red Box" around it

Step 6: Now load your 1.25 Eboot.Elf and press "Alt + B" on your keyboard and you'll notice a pop up "Binary Search"

[HIDE]ZQiitgO.png [/HIDE]

Step 7: Now enter the bytes from your Offset

[HIDE]TKExUoh.png [/HIDE]

Step 8: Now Click "OK" and you'll notice it will jump to the updated Offset
[HIDE]sSEejp0.png [/HIDE]

Our Offset from 1.24 was 0x103C450 and our updated Offset for 1.25 is 0x103D780.
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Jul 11, 2016
Why not just write a plugin that checks the sigs/bytes and compare them , then gives the results?
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