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My apologies I'm willing to compensate you for your time is it possible that you can help make a cheat pkg for BLES01231 max/infinite CAF points in create a player infinite stamina P1 max/infinite CAF points career mode and max/infinite level points thanks in advance
Destiny_Demonware_Bypass = 0x824EB2C0, //NOP
Destiny_Demonware_Bypass_2 = 0x824EB310, //NOP destiny antibanned i think
Do you have cheat pkg darksiders2 v1.2 I want download it please give me because this site removed it
slt Cyb3r; tu veux bien m aider s il te plait; j ai besion d un lien de triche pour tomb raider ps3 en BLES01834 et merci d avance
Hey man. the sites seems dead for a while now. you guys need to update the home page and start being active again, i miss this place
salut a tu réussit a créer un outil pour fight night champion sa serait intéressant
salut a tu un réussi a créer eboot modder fight night champion ? si oui pourrait tu partager stp
I mean like how we use PS4_Cheater for PS4, what do we use to inject cheats and write codes to memory on the PS2?